dj candyLike a butterfly in the ointment DJ Candy is one of a growing number of female djs showing the guys that you do not have to have a “y” chromosome to be rated. A Law graduate and a model she played her part as one member of the brilliant Smooth Connexion crew. DJ Candy caught up with me in North London to talk music, dj’ing and her current projects to push the idea of female djs evenmore.

So how did you get into this male dominated world of dj’ing?
My sister’s dad had decks he used to play House music and I used to play on his decks and I really enjoyed it and I begged for my own decks. And I eventually got them and I went from there.

And what about coming down to London?
I used to live in Northampton which is quite boring with not much of an urban scene and so I planned to move to London to pursue the dj’ng and Law which I passed thankfully.

How did your family take this change from Law to dj’ing, not the most secure profession?
My dad was pleased but my mum just wanted to make sure I have had a backup plan but she is so excited now asking where I have been and stuff. She said that it was just a fad when I got them but now it has carried on she is really proud and she is always asking where I am playing next.

What about your name DJ Candy why did you go with that?
When I first came to London I was Dj Philly because I could not think of a name. Then what happened is my friend and stylist started her modelling agency called the Natural Candy Girls and I realised I needed to change my name and out of the blue I thought DJ Candy which sounds more girly and stuff. I assumed there would be loads of people called DJ candy and there weren’t and so I bought all the domain names and that was that.

Do you generally like to mix the genres of music when you are playing out?
I started off as an RnB and hip-hop dj but then I could play anything else. When I used to do a set people may play all the top banger tracks and so I needed to be able to switch it up and so now with how things are I played all types of music. In truth that is how I got my name, my ability to mix all genres of miusoc and just make it seamless.

What’s good about the UK scene?
I mean I think it is brilliant that UK urban music is making such a big impact. I was watching MTV Bass it was talking about the biggest UK RnB acts and it had Craig David, Jamelia and Damage who made these really good quality tracks. So in that sense I am glad but there are a lot of people trying to jump.

Who are you rating or indeed like from the UK scene?
I was so happy for Tinnie Tempah who has just kept going and he has done it. I went to Beirut and played out and played Pass Out the people went crazy. To go another country and people go crazy is a great look.

And what are the current plans for you?
More travelling more stuff with Natural Candy Girls. This a modelling agency of girls who are natural and we have presenters, dj’s. I mean we are just there to do a bit of everything all pushed by women. Also, I have started working on a venture called Female Takeover which was created and sponsored by Melody Kane. She thought that female dj’s get stereo-typed so let’s get all the great female dj’s and let’s have female promoters and let’s push that whole thing about female dj’s.

Lastly the best advice you could give djs.
Practise and do not give up.

Words by Semper Azeez-Harris