Flavour Magazine has been invited to sit on the judging panel for the ACS Kings and Queens inter-university beauty pageant where couples battle for the coveted King and Queen title! Last week we were at the Meet and Greet event….

Did you think university societies were for geeks and sports freaks? Well guess again because these days the beautiful people are coming out in force to join their uni’s African and Caribbean Societies. Why? Because the inter-university initiative ACS Kings and Queens picks a guy and a girl from each of its member universities to take part in a beauty pageant.

Flavour was asked to help whittle down the entrants from 12 to the final 8 couples at the competitions “Meet and Greet” event recently.

The chosen finalists on the night hail from universities including Birmingham, Southbank and Bedfordshire. The finals will take place this June and the winning couple get a host of fabulous prizes including a holiday and modelling opportunities. Each couple is dressed by an emerging designer, so the designers are competing to. The winning fashionista gets a trip to New York and a design apprenticeship.

Besides the talent, we also got to meet the event sponsors SFM, a financial training consultancy which also runs a non profit organisation educating young people about city careers.

The ACS Kings and Queens initiative was set up to bring African and Caribbean students from different universities together through events and fundraising activities. Last year an outstanding amount was raised through the beauty pageant for the ACLT, a charity which encourages the black community to join the Bone Marrow registry. This year the competition is supporting the Sickle Cell Society.

Good looks, philanthropy and talent join forces for this event. The final will be a night to remember and Flavour will be there to help pick the winner. Good luck beautiful people…

To find out more email: ACS Kings and Queens suport the Sickle Society and The ACLT.

Words by Mary Bello