Nefew- lyricist Polemikk and DJ/Producer PA Double are Switzerland’s hottest Hip-Hop duo, Flavour catches up with the pair to find out a bit more about them.

Where did the name Nefew come from?
The group’s first name was Emphacized Prophecy. We kept it for a couple of years but we soon realized that people had difficulties remembering it. As you can imagine, a brand needs to stick, and unfortunately that name caused more problems then anything else (laughs). Nefew was a name we had in mind for quite a while, it’s an acronym for New Education From Every Word.

How would you describe your sound? What makes it different to everything else out there?
PA-Double: Well, one thing that has always been very important to us is that we try to incorporate melodies and arrangements in our music. We try to keep away from minimalistic productions. You’ll hear that we always put a lot of thought into our music, not just lyrically, but also in terms of chords, drums and how we use different live instruments.

What do you want people to take away from your music?
Polemikk: I believe a lot of people can relate to our music as we address everyday life in our songs, plus it’s very personal but at the same time universally applicable. This is why I would like to see people really get inspired by our story. What we’re trying to tell is not a hero’s tale, we don’t do that, were not trying to do that ‘came from nothing and became rich’ type of routine. Our aspirations lie in telling a story that might help you overcome your everyday struggles, and maybe you’ll even find yourself in the songs, who knows. I’m sure we all share the same problems and concerns, no matter where you are, it will always be about envisioning your goals and try to reach them.
PA-Double: Exactly. When I produce a song it’s all about delivering a feeling or an emotion. I really hope people hear that and get lost in our music. I think songs like this will be remembered even years from now.

What artists inspire you and why?
Polemikk: Musically in the hip-hop world, Kanye West was one of my biggest inspirations.  The way he arranges a hip-hop record is second to none, and how he incorporates live music really broadened my horizon. Plus, what I appreciate most about him is that he’s deeply rooted in true school hip-hop. You can tell he’s still a fan of the boombap!
PA-Double: True, I totally agree. I would say The Roots also inspired me a lot because they brought live instruments back in a time where it was all about sequencing and beat programming.

Who would you most like to do a collaboration with?
Polemikk: From a production perspective I would like to work with Ken Lewis, Jeff Bhasker and Pharell Williams. From a lyrical perspective I would definitely love to jump on a record with Kendrick Lamar, Big K.R.I.T., Roye the 5’9 or Nas, although I’m pretty sure they’d burn me alive (laughs), but it would surely force me to step my game up as these are all incredible lyricists. I’d definitely want to produce for these guys.
PA-Double: Well, I’d like to produce a song with The Roots , Sa-Ra Creative Partners or Raphael Saadiq. When it comes to rap my favourites are Common, Nas, Lupe Fiasco, Ludacris.

What’s your favourite song out right now?
Polemikk: “No Church in the Wild and “All Of The Lights”, these joints give me goosebumps everytime i hear them.
PA-Double: I recently listen a lot to “All I Know” by Game and “Keys To The City” by Nipsey Hussle

Any hidden talents?
Polemikk: I’m a really good cook and a very skilled barber.
PA-Double: I can imitate the noise of a helicopter (laughs)

Check out their current project- “Transitions” avalaible on iTunes in six different markets including the US, UK, France, Australia, Canada and Switzerland.

The pair are due to start work on a new project with Nottz, set to be release early 2012. These guys are a Swiss Hip-Hop sensation, ready to take the world by storm!

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For information on the EP, Nefew or review copies please contact [email protected].