flavour831April 6, marked the monthly installment of Flavour Magazine’s flagship music event, Flavour Live at Cargo. On the decks was DJ Chef, Big Kid and DJ Longers who opened up the event by warming the crowd up with the latest bangers in the world of the UK music scene from Wretch 32 to Skepta. Once everyone had a few Jack Daniel’s (that’s my drink!), the crowd was ready and raring to go, and Bang 103.6fm’s radio presenters Lynnike and Sefa were there to make sure of that. The bubbly girls were on a mad hype as they made their way onto the stage as the hosts for the night. First up on the schedule was an open mic session, which gave various individuals from the crowd the chance to shine by getting up on stage and spitting whatever they had. All I can say is that this involved a lot of big ups and awkward silences, no names mentioned! Flavour also welcomed many industry faces who came along to watch the line-up of fresh talent on stage. Davinche, Egypt, Femi Oyeniran and Kojo were just a few of the ones spotted in the crowd. (It’s all love for Flavour!)

The event then moved onto Flavour Live’s featured acts with EMJ firstly taking the stage. At this point I began to regret standing right in front of the stage, pretty awkward standing at the front with a poker face, not having any opinion of what you’re witnessing right? But fear not, a track later and Just B did eventually have me headbopping ayyy! Next up to perform was rapper Slickmouth with the serenading Shawn Williams, who had the Flavour crowd all wondering what his name was (just to note, Shawn Williams was not primarily introduced). Slickmouth’s poetical lyrics and Shawn’s smooth vocals had the ladies absolutely melting, and this was just the beginning. Next on the setlist was the ever so sweet Makeida who wooed us with her track ‘Sugar Love’. A little lady with a big voice is how I would describe Makeida, how she belted out those notes, I’m still stunned to this day.

Ikes was up next, and he had the crowd on a full blow with his flowing rhythm. And along with Ikes, came his band which proved to be a true family affair. The striking redhead Yetunde Johnson was next on the stage performing her single ‘Mr GQ’. You could tell that this lady had been in the music game for a very long time, her stage presence was immense. Yetunde was certainly working the crowd, a definite diva in the making! Cleo Sol was the penultimate act, dressed in her biker chick swag, Cleo relived the famous Tinie Tempah ‘Tears’ track which she featured in. Cleo’s set was huge, her soulful voice satisfied many and she even brought along a guy who played a rather odd “instrument” a wooden box. The only thing I was disappointed with was how Cleo didn’t perform ‘Hero’, one of many of producer Davinche’s works. I think a callback may be in need!

And finally as the night drew to a close, the very talented Loick Essien played us out with acoustic renditions of ‘Love Drunk’ and ‘Stuttering’. Mr Essien owned the Cargo stage where he had the whole crowd stuttering and lost for words with his class act (excuse the pun). Ms. D was also performing alongside him, ever wondered who was behind those amazing vocals in Chipmunk’s ‘Oospy Daisy’? Well look no further, that was this lady. So after an open mic challenge, seven flavoursome performances, and a picture with that stuttering guy, my night was complete. Roll on the 4th May for another night of Flavour Live.

Words by Melek Derebeyli