Flavour Mag recently attended an exclusive Advanced Warfare preview event in London to learn a bit more about the game which is set to become the biggest in the franchises history.

Before we could get our eager little hands on the new game we had the privilege of being talked through Call of Duty’s newest installment by Sledgehammer co-founder Glen Schofield. Glen was clear in stating that being tasked with developing the newest edition of the legendary franchise was Sledgehammers defining moment and one that they have been prepping and perfecting for the past 3 years.


Touching on Advanced Warfare’s futuristic theme Glen stressed that the weapons and equipment seen in the game are ‘no stab in the dark,’ military experts were consulted to decipher what combat could be like 50 years from now. We were then treated to the first 5-10 minutes of the single player mode which blew everyone away – with regards to graphics and narrative it wouldn’t look out of place in Hollywood as we were shown the games main protagonist making use of the all new exo-skeleton jumping from one moving vehicle to another.


It was finally time to grab a controller and play some multiplayer! I must admit I had initially under-estimated the impact the verticality would have but it really is a game-changer. One critique of the franchise over the last few years has been the lack of creative new features but the exo-skeleton and the verticality it brings add a whole new dimension to the game. No longer can you scour a map looking left and right… you also need to look up and down and many times at the beginning I was caught out. My competitors were hovering or quick dashing around the map and it took me a few games to find my feet and begin to increase my K/D ratio.


One of my favourite additions to Advanced Warfare is the multiplayer game mode Uplink, the best way to describe this game would be as basketball with guns! Two teams face off and when the match begins it is a race to grab the ball (data drone) – once in possession of the data drone you need to get it to the opponents net (uplink portal.) A lot of the game is spent defending your team-mate in possession as they instantly become the focus of the enemies attention. whilst if the pressure proves too much for the ball holder they can pass the ball and maneuver it between other team mates.


In all honesty I was already more excited for Advanced Warfare than I have beenfor any other Call Of Duty in the last 5 years and getting my hands on it has only increased that excitement! Graphics are immense, game-play is authentic and satisfying and innovative game-changing additions that work are only set to make this massive franchise even bigger!

Don’t forget to pre-order the Day Zero Edition now and get up to 24 hours early access! Release date 3rd November.