I set out on sunny Monday to get the down-low on some of London’s most quirky dressers. With so many styles around at the moment and hints of eras gone past, it sure makes the streets a stylish place full of funky fashionistas!

Check out some of the lovely people I met below:

Ross, 19 from Edinburgh
Ross has that androgynous look going on; think Andrej Pejic, the hottest model around at the moment. The big hair matched with old school army boots and man bag is really working for him and makes him stand out from the crowd. His accessories also finish the look off. He likes to call his style new punk but a bit alternative.

Catherine, 15 from London
Sweetheart Catherine is looking so mature in this little number it’s hard to believe she’s not older than her years. The gladiator sandals and bold print dress are all the rage this summer. Couple that with a smattering of assorted bangles, costume jewellery ring and an over the shoulder purse and she’s set for a day on the King’s Road. Catherine would describe her style as vintage but classic.

Phoebe, 16 from West London
Freestyler Phoebe is rocking the soft punk look, dare I say emo? A while back vintage cartoon tees were all the rage, and it appears they’re back with the dirty converse in tow. I’ve noticed a lot of people holding on to their festival wristbands as a memento for months, even years and in this instance it adds a bit of edge to her girlishness. Tights and leggings under shorts seem to always be in fashion and I reckon Phoebe has it sorted. She would describe her style as boho, alternative and soft punk.

Su-li, Suzanna and Jennifer from Hertfordshire
These 3 lovely ladies were a find and a half. I saw their crazy outfits from miles away and they certainly put a lot of effort into them. Each of their dresses were handmade in Japan – now I was in Japan just last Christmas and this is a tamer version of the infamous Harajuku girls you’d see hanging out in Tokyo. The girls would go to every length to make sure they had hair, makeup, even contact lenses to make themselves look more cartoon like – some call this an homage to Japanese Animé. They would describe their style as Lolita fashion – watch out Gwen Stefani, you might have some new back up dancers!

Compiled by Jo Whittington