If you’ve ever wanted to go abroad for a festival and can never decide where to go, MOGA Caparica has got you covered and don’t worry it won’t break the bank either.

It’s time to hang up your waterproof coat and leave your wellies behind to go chasing rays in Portugal. Wouldn’t you just love to not panic about bringing extra essentials in case the weather takes a turn? Well attending a festival in another country will take away any extra worries you have for the weekend.

Attracting young, beautiful and cool people from all over the world, MOGA is a festival like no other by bringing music, food, wellness and culture all into one place. Not only does the MOGA organisers work closely to spotlight local artists alongside international acts, but festival-goers are also exposed to the full Portuguese experience by showcasing the best local food and wellness activities including yoga and surfing. 

MOGA Caparica was off to a worrying start. With overcast skies and predicted rain, it was almost like we hadn’t left England but luckily the Portuguese summer came through and the party was back on.


Situated on the gorgeous beachfront city Costa de Caparica in Lisbon last weekend, MOGA’s incredible lineup included the likes of Alyssa & Gia, Dan Shake, Folamour, Kalabrese and many more.

Walking into the festival is almost heavenly, the scenic walk is an influencer’s dream with no buildings in sight, there’s the opportunity to take in the beauty of Caparica.

Someone once said that paradise is where your heart is and I definitely left it in Caparica. Imagine the sound of waves flowing gently to the shore whilst you dance in the sun listening to your favourite DJs with your toes grasping the sand… that’s the MOGA experience

Photo Credit: @insmachado

Talking to us about MOGA, Co-Founder Matthieu Corosine said Moga was born in Essaouira but travels along Atlantic shores to share and mix cultures with its tribe, comprised of digital nomads and music lovers from all over the world. Moga is also a lifestyle that takes the shape of an experience-oriented boutique format, with in/off events of different variations (free, open, boat, beach, and so on). Future plans for Moga are to take it back to its roots in Essaouira this Sep/Oct, and also to reveal a new home for the tribe in Western Africa (spoiler alert!)”.

As part of the recent renaissance of young French House and Disco producers, Folamour proved his deep love for all music through his energy. Whether it’s through his expertise behind the desks or his ability to ramp up a crowd with his feel-good disco beats, his presence certainly hits the mark.

Closing the festival on Sunday in try style was the one and only Dan Shake. Ranging from sparky acid to Brazilian samba, itchy funk and heavyweight house, there was nobody better to end the first-class weekend.

MOGA is possibly one of the best festivals you’ll attend in Europe by inspiring genuine connections for those who walk in as strangers and leave as friends. It’s almost certain that you’ll be back again.