Diamond Dallas Page is the former wrestling champion who was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in April.

He’s also just been immortalised as a playable character in the WWE2K17 video game which is out now on PlayStation and Xbox. Outside of the ring DDP is known for changing peoples lives.

Aside from pro wrestling, Page is the man behind ‘DDP Yoga’, an innovative take on traditional yoga which focuses on dynamic body resistance. The results of his DDP Yoga courses, and DVD’s, are all over the internet. Recently, Page launched the ‘DDP YOGA NOW’ app, which means anyone can get a workout at any fitness level, no gym required.

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In 2012, DDP Yoga went viral after a video of Arthur Boorman, a disabled veteran of the Gulf War, stole everyone’s heart as he set about losing weight and improving his health with support from DDP. A clip on Page’s own YouTube channel has received well over 13 million views to date. It’s pretty heart-warming, check it out –

Page made headlines again when he set about turning around the lives of fellow grapplers; Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Scott “Razor Ramon” Hall.

Using a combination of DDP Yoga, and positive messaging, Page was able to help both men with alcohol abuse problems, changing their lives and restoring the legacy of their careers. This story was captured in the 2015 NETFLIX Documentary titled “The Resurrection of Jake The Snake”.

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Now, Diamond Dallas Page is headed here on a UK Tour to spread his passion for fitness and wellbeing through dynamic resistance – and this Flavourmag reporter will be taking part in a DDP Yoga session!

Tour sessions are happening in Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham, and London this September. Each DDP Yoga session will also include methods for “Goal Setting”, Active Breathing Techniques, Nutritional Guidance, and more.

We’ll also have an exclusive interview with Diamond Dallas Page and a review following the event.

So, whilst I’m dusting off my yoga mat, you can check out the full tour dates and ticket information here:

I can’t wait!