It’s like Westwood’s Hot 6 @ 6 but without all the (albeit entertaining) trash talk. I drop the 5 hottest, freshest tracks of the week that you need in your life.

Drake featuring Rihanna – ‘Take Care’

This week, Drake dropped the track that shares his second album’s name, ‘Take Care’ (released November 15). I have been waiting for another Drizzy and Ri collaboration since ‘Whats My Name’ and they haven’t disappointed.

Rihanna – ‘You Da One’

Rihanna will be releasing her 6th studio album on the 21 November (yes, her SIXTH) and the second single from the ‘Talk That Talk’ album is an upbeat number which has grown on me.

Bruno Mars – ‘It Will Rain’

This song is part of the soundtrack for the latest Twilight movie, ‘Breaking Dawn’. If you’ve read the books, you’ll know the song fits in perfectly with the theme of sickly, forever lasting love. Sickly, but ever so sweet.

Joker featuring William Cartwright – ‘On My Mind’

I have to show some love to the UK. Bristol born Joker has produced a track that is smooth, dubby, catchy and ever so current. William Cartwright’s voice works so well. Thumbs up. Thats all.

Drake featuring Rick Ross – ‘Lord Knows’

I know, I’m obsessed with Drake. But I really can’t help the fact that he is releasing all of these bangers consistently. I really can’t wait for the release of ‘Take Care’.

Did I miss anything out? Let me know.