leonaInundated with perfect images it’s no wonder we want to look our best all the time. My approach is to erase dark circles, pigmentation, broken veins and then soften features, however not remove character. A flawless completion can be simply achieved selecting and correctly applying 3 key products.

1. The first step is to select the right concealer; if you do this you may not need a foundation. If you have lighter skin select a yellow tone and if you have a darker skin select a peachy tone and always choose a colour 1 shade lighter. The concealer will darken with the skins natural oils throughout the day. Always test the concealer where you need to get an exact match! Apply the concealer with your finger if you want a more blended look or with a brush if you want to add more product. Set the concealer with a powder in the same colour.

Bobbi Brown concealer has an extensive range and even comes with its own powder.

2. When matching foundation, again test it on the face and not on the neck or wrist. If it disappears it’s perfect.

3. Select a loose powder to set either a shade lighter than your foundation or a blotting powder with no colour.

The market is saturated with good foundations here are only a few, don’t be afraid to ask for samples or testers it’s really important to try the products first. MAC mineralize is good for the skin £19.57 or £22.02, Maybelline mouse £4.84 is light weight and good for oiler skins, Chanel satin smoothing fluid £28.38 provides sheen for dryer skins


Words by Lea James, Photography by Terri Lee-Shield