Solange Knowles faced a humiliating pat down yesterday (14 Nov)  at a Florida airport.

The younger sister of Beyonce, was making her way on a flight out of Miami when she was pulled to the side and asked to remove her Afro hairpiece to prove she wasn’t disclosing any prohibited items.

Instead of loosing her rag, Solange took to Twitter to entertain her followers. “Lets play a little game called: “What did TSA find in Solange’s Fro,”? said Knowles.

She also added: “”Discrim-FRO-nation (sic). My hair is not a storage drawer. Although, guess I couuld (sic) hide a joint up in here.”

A surprised Solange also posted a link to a recent article about a woman who was subjected to similar interrogation by Transport Security Administration (TSA) officials.