Wearing the right clothing to train and play football is so much more important than people think.

Helping to keep you cool, free to move, and comfortable, investing in quality training wear will ensure you can perform to your very best potential on the pitch. This article, by the team at Miss Kick who creates quality women’s training wear, highlights all the key pieces of training clothing that are essential for football training and great sports performance. 

Training Shorts For Warm Weather

Ideal for training in the warmer weather, shorts are essential pieces of training wear for women. 

Some things to consider when buying training shorts include how they fit. This is particularly important for women as many shorts designs are inspired by those worn by men. Which you will find are not especially practical for the shape of the female body. Buying from a brand that designs specifically for women and girls means you will have a wider choice of football training shorts that are made for women providing comfort and practicality. 

One other thing to consider is the style of shorts you prefer to wear. Although this mostly comes down to personal preference, you can choose between fitted and loose-fitting shorts, however, most footballers will typically wear a base layer underneath these for extra protection. 

Joggers And Jackets

For extra comfort and warmth, both jackets and joggers are must-have training wear items that will ensure you don’t freeze on those cold winter training days. Ideal for throwing on between training sessions and on the bench, joggers are not only comfortable but the warmth they provide will make sure your body is truly warmed-up and ready for a full training session of balling action. Which as footballers know, is incredibly important for preventing injury and getting the most out of a training session. 

The same can be said for training jackets that can be worn over the top of training tops and are easy to take on and off as the training session heats up. Plus, a rain jacket in the UK can never be underestimated. Perfect for keeping you dry on a wet day, meaning you can continue to train without letting the weather disrupt your session. 

The Football Base Layer

The importance of base layers when training is undeniable. These simple training wear pieces are the foundation of a solid training outfit and will guarantee you are protected from the harsh outdoor conditions but also supported in your movement around the pitch. Many women will opt to wear base layer shorts in order to protect their modesty when wearing loose-fitting football shorts. Ensuring your base layers are made with high quality materials will allow for flexibility, durability, and a high level of support. 

Football Training Socks And Accessories

To accompany you throughout the football season, the right football socks will keep your feet dry and warm as you hit the pitch with each session. Honing your skills with a new pair of football boots would not be right without the perfect pair of football socks. 

Considering factors such as breathability and durability means investing in football socks that are made with high quality materials allowing for structured compression and non-slip elements to support you in your performance during training and matches. Technical grip football socks are the best choice when it comes to socks for playing football and provide the right support for movement on the pitch.