Ford Mustang 5litre V8 convertible

You’ve seen those adverts for life coaches or zen masters, yes those adverts that read something like this, ‘Do you suffer from anxiety? Do you find it hard to connect with people and make friends? Are you feeling stressed and depressed?…

Yeah, those adverts that then say, ‘Speak to us, we are there to help you’… Well, after driving the Ford Mustang 5.0 V8 GT Convertible, I can tell you now, this car will change your life for the better and life coaches or zen masters or any other supposed guru can take their adverts and apparent skills and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

Bit harsh, you might be thinking? Oh well, who cares? The Ford Mustang has changed my life and can change yours too. Here’s how.

Stressed and Depressed?

The Ford Mustang 5.0 V8 GT Convertible is an absolute beauty, you’ll find it ever so hard to be stressed or depressed while driving this car. Simply jump in, pop the roof down and ROAR like a lion in the jungle down the road and watch your stress disappear like a kid popping a bubble.

The car is a beautiful monster, it’s a beast in the true sense of the word. There’s almost nothing like it in terms of the way it roars and the way it feels and it’s available to buy in UK spec (finally).

The 5.0-litre V8 quad cam 32 valve engine will blow you away. The feel of the revs and the way it roars is synonymous with the Ford Mustang. It holds the road like a tank, and you’ll feel very safe driving this car even at high speeds.

Ford Mustang 5litre V8 convertible
This is where the power comes from.

Do you find it hard to connect with people and make friends?

Ford Mustang 5.0 V8 GT Convertible will help you connect with people. Apart from being able to smoke your opponents and leave them feeling jealous and envious as it delivers 0-62MPH in 4.2 secs, you will need to be prepared to talk to everyone on the road. No word of a lie, you’ll find drivers winding down their windows to give you the thumbs up and asking about the car when your side by side at the lights.

Connecting with people is great, especially when that connection starts off with the other person looking at you in awe. If you’re not a friendly or people’s person, you will be after owning the Ford Mustang 5.0 V8 GT Convertible, as you’ll be able to bask in the ambience and let your light shine like a celebrity.

Here are some common questions you’ll probably get asked during your drive:

  1. Is it really fast?
  2. What’s it like to drive?
  3. I bet it drinks a lot of petrol?
  4. You’re a lucky man, how long have you had it?
  5. Have you opened her up yet?
Ford Mustang 5litre V8 convertible
You’ll have head turning left, right and centre with the roof down

And here are a few quick tongue-cheek-replies that I’ve prepared earlier, for to answer these questions:

  1. Is it really fast? It’s scarily fast, way too hot for you to handle!
  2. What’s it like to drive? It’s a beast, like a lion in the jungle!
  3. I bet it drinks a lot of petrol? Like an alcoholic at a binge fest (this makes everyone laugh)
  4. You’re a lucky man, how long have you had it? She’s brand new, I traded in my girlfriend for the Mustang
  5. Have you opened her up yet? Hell Yeah! Like a porn star opening up a virgin.

Ok, ok, I’m making jokes and crass jokes, to say the least. but all of the above isn’t too far from the truth.

Do you suffer from anxiety?

Park the Ford Mustang 5.0 V8 GT Convertible for a couple of minutes while you pop into the bank or do a bit of shopping and on your way back to the car I can almost guarantee that they’ll be a someone taking photos of your car.

This is the perfect moment to tackle your anxiety and connect with people (refer to the above). There was a particular moment that stood out to me during my time with the car. I had parked the car for about 10 mins while popping into the shop. A group of young women must have seen the car and started taking selfie’s of themselves with the Mustang. As I walked back I could see them taking more and more photos. One of them almost climbed on the bonnet. I mean, DAM girls, ‘Are you done?’

They smiled, they laughed, they told me the car is amazing and that it suits me. Once I heard that, I was like ‘please be my guest, take as money photos as you like’. Would you like me to take a group shot of you all on your phone? Haha, anxiety had gone, connections were made and I revved away in true ‘Fast and Furious style’.

Ford Mustang 5.0 V8 GT Convertible 6 Speed Auto

You might now be thinking, what kind of car review is this? Where’s the (not so boring) tech spec? Well you can find the tech spec on hundreds if not thousands of websites online or you can visit

I’m here to tell you about the awesome leather interior and way it makes you and your passengers feel like kings when you drive. I’m here to tell you about the amazing sound system with built-in subwoofer in the boot, that sounds better than most cars I have driven of late (trust me, I’ve driven a lot). Driving to a club with my friends, playing my own music very loud, was even better than the club itself. One of the girls said ‘we should have just stayed in your car and partied in the Mustang’.

I’m here to tell you about the light’s the shine from the wing mirrors at night, a big hologram of the Mustang logo shines on the floor, like Batman shining his light in the sky, it’s these beautiful little touches that make the Ford Mustang what it is.

Ford Mustang 5litre V8 convertible
The hologram

And guess what’s the best thing of all about the Mustang? Wait for it… The Price. The Mustang cost a lot less than you probably imagined. Did you know that the Ford Mustang prices start from £33,645, YIKES! I nearly fell off my chair when writing the price.

The Ford Mustang 5.0 V8 GT Convertible that I drove cost £43,095 with a few extra options such as:

  • Ingot Silver – Premium Body Colour
  • Silver Body Stripes
  • Custom Pack: Includes “Shaker Pro’ premium audio system with navigation, climate controlled seats, reverse parking sensors, 19′ Lustre Nickle multi-spoke alloy wheels

Bringing the total cost to only £45,985, amazing right? Especially for a car that will change your life.

Oh and speaking of navigation, can I just say that the sat-nav in the Ford Mustang is awesome. It works properly and is very easy to use while driving. I’m a bit fed up of some of the fancy sat-nav’s that are coming installed in some of the new cars. They’ll basically rubbish, too much information, hard to use, and far too much graphics on screen. Ford’s sat-nav has all the bells and whistles in a simple and easy to use system. It’s great.

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