Never heard of it?  Well Google + is the newest social networking revolution. Here’s a break down of what you can do!

Circles” Group all your peeps together, so for instance – Flavour peeps| My homies | Ugly guys| Family etc.  From your Circles page simply drag and drop your contacts into each of these groups, making it easier for you to share what you want with them.

Sparks is like Google Reader, it brings content to you automatically based on your interests. So if Cats, Dogs and Sheep were your thing, each topic will get its own “Spark” page and provide links to related articles, videos, photos, etc.

My favourite has to be Hangouts now this Facebook doesn’t have! Hangouts are virtual rooms where you can video chat with people in your circles. Think Skype but instead it’s the Google + way!

Huddles is group messaging for people within your Circles. There’s also a mobile app available for Andriods,  just select a group and chit chat away!

Instant upload– this one you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this one, it’s pretty simple. Snap a photo on your Android phone, and watch it automatically upload to Google+.

Google+ on your Android, it boasts a Twitter-like “stream” of updates from your friends.

This is the bit where you ask “How do I get Google+?”

Google+ is invite-only right now. You can visit the Google+ homepage to request one.

Eventually, everyone with a Google account will be put in to the program. The toolbar at the top of your screen when go to Google, the tool bar where you click Gmail to access your email, click +You.” This is where you can access all the features mentioned.



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