First dates can be nervous and worrisome affairs. In the age of online dating and connections, there is much apprehension when it comes to meeting someone for the first time after conversing through the internet alone.

Everybody tries to be on their best game during the first date, but it can sometimes be hard to read the signs and determine whether the person you met at the bar wants to see you again. With many different awkward elements to analyze and consider, it matters just as much how you act after the date as it does how you act during the date. If a guy is interested in going out on a second date and beyond, then he’ll need to do these four things following that first date.

Be Straightforward at the End

Most people have a general idea whether they’d like to go on a second date by the time the first date is over. It is important to demonstrate interest at the onset. You don’t want to appear clingy or otherwise creepy, but being straightforward at the end of the date by asking for a second one is a basic demonstration of interest. If you’ve listened carefully throughout the first date, then you will have heard what your date finds interesting. This gives you plenty of ideas for asking those second date questions; you’ll be able to propose a venue or activity that was mentioned as desirable.

Make Contact the Next Day

There is some common yet bad advice that floats around about dating: never make contact the day after. In most cases, this is ridiculous. Building a possible relationship doesn’t revolve around playing weird psychological games to make people desire you more. You don’t need to necessarily try to strike up a conversation; a simple text or voice mail expressing that you had a good time last night will suffice. There is absolutely no reason that you should wait to touch base and reiterate that you had fun. People want to feel like you appreciate their company, so be sure to demonstrate that in a straightforward and brief way at minimum.

Listen and Communicate

Unfortunately, many first dates go awry because one or both parties is too determined to speak. If you made it through the first date, then any follow-up communication needs to be just that: communication. There is a need to demonstrate interest and be attentive to your date. When you can follow-up after the first date about something that was said prior, this shows that you listened and appreciated what your date was saying.

Change the Date Style

You should always be yourself, but some other things about the dating process should change after the first date. Your second date should be a different type of date than the first one. If the first date was a meet-up at a bar, then the second date could be a stroll on the beach, a walk through the park or even a sit-down at a restaurant. There are many different date ideas to consider in order to spice up the ambiance. It is important to get to know one another in different settings in order to see how personalities might change in different climates. If you go to the same type of place for your first, second and third dates, then this shows a lack of creativity and interest in exploring new concepts with your date.