Welcome to Flavour Mags newest series; Fragrance Of The Month. We know nothing can be more tedious than visiting a store and testing each fragrance bottle seemingly ever made on earth in order to make the right choice for your better half or loved one… well fear not as now we have your back! Leading up to the holiday period we will be bringing you the hottest fragrances available covering all price ranges and scents. The first fragrance to be given the honor of Flavour’s fragrance of the month comes straight from New York in the form of Bond No. 9s captivating Shelter Island!

Verdict: A beautiful floral and citrus scent with exceptional longevity. Though perfect for a summers day its versatility makes it an excellent option for the pleasant forth-coming Autumn days.

The Scent: Shelter Island is a jaunty, sparkling-clean, decidely unisex, quietly daring blend of Oud – the precious and seductive Eastern-world hardwood that has recently become a mainstay in Western perfumery – with algae extract, a savoury and energizing nautical note. The starter notes are fresh and sparkling citrus zest and freshly ground black pepper, together they deliver a decided punch. Then comes a seague into seemingly contradictory mid-notes: soft and beckoning white lilies accompanied by bracing and briny algae extract. Imagine a garden by the sea, that’s the effect here. And for the kicker: Oud, combined with another iconic wood note, sandalwood, as well as amber, myrrh, and musk – all of them reliable base notes that add warmth to Shelter Island’s aquatic flavour. But it’s Oud above all that provides it’s unique flavour.

The Bottle: With the bottle design, shipshape simplicity is served. One side of the Bond No. 9 superstar bottle proudly displays jaunty deep blue and white stripes. Turn the bottle over, and the design reverses to pristine all-white. Classy and edgy best defines this attractive bottle!


Where To Buy: This premium fragrance is available at Harrods for £140. It is worth noting that although it is more expensive than some of the more traditional high street brands the phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ has never been so relevant. Where 4 or 5 sprays of a cheaper brand might do the trick you will notice that one spray of Shelter Island will be just fine and unlike numerous other brands Shelter Island will not weaken by the end of the day. It will last at-least twice as long as a cheaper alternative leaving you better off in the long-run.