This month our favourite fragrance is a fantastic offering from American make-up and fragrance experts Estée Lauder. With Christmas fast approaching November’s sophisticated fragrance will make the perfect gift for a loved one.

Verdict: A strong intriguing and multi-dimensional fragrance which boasts longevity.

The Scent: The fragrance captures the spirit of Modern Muse Chic with a Vivid Woody Floral scent. A unique contrast of sophisticated florals and succulent fruitiness juxtaposed against deep sultry woods captures the duality of her charismatic personality. This innovative “dual-impression” concept allows women to connect with the fragrance through two contrasting aspects:

Vivid Florals Accord: This facet of the fragrance exudes her bold femininity. Jasmine Sambac is the centerpiece – it blends with vibrant florals of Tuberose Fir Abs and Stargazer Lilies, accented with succulent Juicy Plum and Davana, for an impression of vivid floralcy with attitude.

Ebony Woods Accord: Her creativity and stylish individuality are expressed through a captivating combination of Cashmere Woods, Agarwood, Labdanum. An intense Patchouli Blend is at the core of the Ebony Woods Accord, creating a deep magnetism. The woods are enhanced with Suede Musks and Madagascar Vanilla SFE for an addictive and irresistible sensuality.

44444The Bottle: Duality is also part of the Modern Muse Chic package design. In shape: a strong, tall luxurious glass bottle with soft rounded sides. In Style: A navy bow with gold-toned studs adorns the spray-through cap and is inspired by the iconic bow on Estée Lauder’s first fragrance, Youth Dew. In attitude: a bold visual representation of modern femininity. Together, these contrasts create an intense visual statement that is an important part of the Modern Muse Chic experience. The Navy outer carton features a sketch of the Modern Muse Chic bottle that reflects the creative spirit within every modern woman.

Where To Buy: Modern Muse Chic is available at Estée Lauder counters nationwide, now from £45.00