What happens when man violates the laws of God and science? For Captain Walton (Sutherland) and the crew of a weather-beaten ship stranded in the icy sea, the answer follows their rescue of a scientist close to death, frozen in fear, and insane with dire warnings. Viktor Frankenstein (Newman) has a story to tell—a story as chillingly real as the tortured howls emanating from the Arctic fog and as timeless as the need to be loved.

FRANKENSTEIN, the 10th ANNIVERSARY EDITION, comes to DVD on 13th January from Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment. Luke Goss (Blade II, Hellboy II) stars as the creature alongside an all-star cast including Alec Newman (A Lonely Place to Die), Academy Award® nominee Julie Delpy (Before Sunrise, 2 Days in New York) and acting legends; Emmy and Golden Globe winner Donald Sutherland (The Italian Job 2003, The Hunger Games) and Academy Award® winner William Hurt (Kiss of the Spider Woman, A History of Violence).