Franko Fraize is an unassuming guy from Thetford who just happens to be one of the most exciting and original talents in UK music. His music doesn’t describe ghetto dramas, punctuated with guns and faux glamour; the raconteur delivers sharp, witty tales of life that are so well observed they resonate instantly with a generation. Franko Fraize brings a fresh, modern picture of British life and culture. He speaks in a direct way with stories for the everyday man or woman.

Let me introduce new track ‘Treasures’. The story of a relationship told with a very British sound, the track sums up all those good bits and bad bits that drive you crazy about your other half. From the point where you want to pack your bags and leave to the point where you have to butter them up because you know you’ll have to put up with them forever, Franko captures what love is all about without the cheese, but in a way that will make you smile as you relate to certain situations.