matti roots-studio-129 - Version 2Spring 2011 sees Matti Roots a UK singer / songwriter / instrumentalist who has worked with artists such as Terri Walker, Justin Timberlake and Slum Village unleash his debut album ‘BeatRoot’, which industry insiders including Labrinth and Ronnie Herel, tip to become an instant classic.

BeatRoot’ is the ultimate harmonious love handbook, a diary of the path of love and all its fascinating dimensions. From the first spark in, ʻLustʼ, the seductive fantasy of, ʻWhat Iʼm Gonna Doʼ, and the early stage infatuation in, ʻOCDʼ, right through to the bitterness of heartbreak in tracks such as, ʻI Miss Youʼ, ʻClosureʼ and ʻRawʼ – each track is a heart-rendering snap-shot of love, which jigsaw perfectly to form the fully rounded journey of relationships. Featuring some stellar talent (Susaye Green of the Supremes, Vula of the Basement Jaxx and Brit rapper Master Shortie) and recruiting some of the finest musicians in the UK, the end result is a tight, eclectic mix of influences.

Download the single Let’s Get Back Together here.

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