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Flavour’s beauty editor Lea James gives you the lowdown on how to keep youreyes looking fresh with our pre winter season’s box of tricks.

The eye area requires protecting in colder climates, the skins a lot thinner under the eyes and calls for specialist products designed not to irritate

Application Tip
Use a small amount; the size of a grain of rice, then half it, this is all you need!!!

Pat the cream just above the cheek bone, around the eye orbital but not too near the lash area, about ¼ inch away as this can make the eyes water.

Product hint
Dr. LeWinn’s Eye care range

They say; Australia’s number one premium skincare brand Dr. LeWinn’s Private Formula, has everything you need to smooth and brighten tied eyes

We say; eyes feel soft, refreshed and wide awake

Available @

Words by Lea James


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