They may be all shiny, live their lives in the fast lane and shop like there’s no recession but celebrities give good advice when it comes to life. Wanna get some career advice from Usher? Love tips from Jason Derulo? Fashion tips from the likes of Tinie Tempah and Esmee Denters? Need to know how to vibe in a club a la Pixie Lott? Well read on!


Career Wisdom

“I’ve learnt a lot from Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder because they’re all amazing at a specific talent. I’m a student- you can never stop learning And if you start to do well in your area like Justin Beiber is right now, enjoy it but don’t get too consumed by it because history is made in time, it doesn’t happen in a moment. Always stay focused on your craft. Look to positive influences like moi!”

“Life and work can be crazy, the best way for me to stay grounded is talking to my mum everyday no matter what. You should always make time for family”

Jason Derulo
“When you start out in a new career, always take advice from those in the know but never be afraid to spread your wings and do you. At the end of the day if you have a great idea put it into action, let others know. Don’t sit on it!”

Lisa Snowden and Johnny Vaughn
Lisa- “Find a good partner in crime that you can bounce off! It’s great to work with someone who is talented at what they do, I watched Johnny for years!” Johnny- “Yeah, she’s like a stalker but seriously having chemistry with the people you work with is so important because you will be excited about everyday.”

Sean Kingston
“If you are an aspiring singer, always be safe in your choices, stay humble and keep God first. Persistence is the key, so don’t give up. And never stop working on your craft.”

“We’re trying to break America right now. It’s so different to the UK and we’re working hard at making it over there. When you try something new, you’ve got to give it your all!”

Beauty Bits

“When it comes to having clear skin always use tea tree oil- that’s how I keep my face looking smooth!”

“For us girls you can never use enough glitter or hairspray! They are the two key ingredients for my look!”

Fashion Tips

Esmee Denters
“My style is feminine with a bit of toughness. I’m girly but not overly so; I watch fashion editorials for inspiration. When you are finding your own style don’t be afraid to try different things. Some things may look amazing, some may look crazy but it’s great to experiment!”

Lisa Snowden
“Always wear spanks and comfortable shoes on a big night out!”

Tinie Tempah
“Fashion and music are an expression of who you are- an extension of you. Always keep your look smart, street, cool and fresh!”

Alexandra Burke
“Always love who you are. No one loves a size zero girl, guys like girls who are healthy and vibrant with a glow. Dress for your size, and don’t be afraid of colour especially in the summer.”

Party like a Rockstar!

Pixie Lott
“When you are going clubbing I would always say eat before you leave the house. Otherwise you’ll end up with an awful hangover! That’s the biggest thing I’ve learnt!”

Jason Derulo
“When you go to a club keep your dance moves simple. Even if you are a badass dancer just bust a little two step, take it easy and enjoy the night!”

Festival Must Haves

Esmee Denters
“I love military boots they are great for walking on grass and take facial wipes- I always carry them wherever I go!”

Pixie Lott
“Always take your wellies! And avoid the loos!”

Love and Relationship Advice

Jason Derulo
“When you are looking for love always be yourself and don’t put on an act. Try and find someone who understands you, someone you feel comfortable talking to about goofy stuff. The other day I couldn’t take my jacket off during a routine on stage! I need a girl I can share that with but right now I’m riding solo!”

Marvin Hume from JLS
“Always be a gentleman when you want to date a beautiful lady. The old English gentleman vibe has gone and we need to try and keep a hold of that- men look after your ladies!”

Words by Mary Bello