Lady Leshurr unleashed

A little while ago I wrote a piece on UK femcees stating that the UK and the general rap game are a little thin on the ground. I did not mention Lady Leshurr. My apologies to Lady Leshurr for one of the femcees repping the UK. While she has been quiet she has been out producing a banger.

The Birmingham native who did a short stint as an actress in the film 1day launches her single ‘Lego’ and I cannot say enough that this track will surely be on repeat, repeat and possibly another repeat throughout club land. It’s been on the underground for a month or two and it is on some twenty five thousand hits already. It’s a track that is simple in its make-up a hard rolling beat structure with Lady Leshurr busting so much heat she goes supernova.

A Guardian journalist was quick to state that Lady Leshurr was the UK’s very own female Busta rhymes and in truth I have to agree: her double time is effortless and on point. Produced by Wizzy Wow who has worked with Wretch and Chipmunk, this will undoubtedly be a great look on his CV.

Lady Leshurr is not a new talent as most of you will know she has been there bubbling away for a long time but I think this is her time to shine as one of the brightest femcees in the UK and more importantly Birmingham (she reps Birmingham big). Of course if you get the people listening then you need to catch that heat while it’s there and that is undoubtedly her game.

She has her own record label Gutter Strut and her own clothing label – all moves that point to a lady ready to make the P’s and make her name a brand: not so much a Future Flavour but a certified Flavour.

Check out her EP which is on release now Off the Lesh

Pepstar: It’s not Russian Roulette – he knows exactly what he is doing

I watched a video of Pepstar orchestrating, playing the keys, rocking out his Apple Mac and the finally spitting some bars right in front of my eyes. I have to say I love when you see not just the end product but the beginning product. Maybe there might have been a few takes before but that’s not an issue because what was put together was a seamless and intriguing insight into what this young guy from London can do. A picture on his FB Fan page sees him holding a beat maker and that is Pepstar in a nutshell.

Pepstar is a producer and his subsequent videos detail his great talent, ear for making a hot banger and most importantly his passion for production as he talks with huge amounts of knowledge about how he constructs and creates.

‘Where I Am From’ as one of his releases has a certain anthem quality about it and Pepstar despite his young years shows a socially astute and conscious mind which is great to see. Russian Roulette taken off his mix-tape Take Off has a video which is set in three parts and has a real film quality about it and shows the guy trying to do something different.

SBTV are already backing this guy and you can see why. I think most importantly Pepstar is taking his destiny into his own hands promoting his talent and his music. First and foremost a hard work ethic will always give a person the chance to blow and with Pepstar and his work ethic he’s a Future Flavour case closed.

Astroid Boys impact imminent!

Astroid Boys played Flavour Live last month and while they played an acoustic set they still captured the audience with their hype selves. I heard about Asteroid Boys a little while back and got a chance to see them live and talk with the guys who are remarkably humble and engaging.

Their forte is in live, unadulterated, moshing, angry vibing, smash the speakers, followed by a fag and a can of wife beater music. Not because they want to portray that but because they are essentially guys out to have fun in the nicest way.  They are like your modern day rock band except they love to tear off your head with dub step beats and grime-nal behaviour. Down in Camden they played a set that had sweat dripping of the ceiling, nasty but great!

So a year or so on since I met them and the Cardiff outfit have performed at Glastonbury, performed at I Luv Live, performed at G Shock and dropped a fire in the booth for Charlie Sloth and of course blessed Flavour Live. So what’s next? Well the manager Lekan gave me hot off the press news that they are working on a new EP entitled “Wigging Out Like Timmy Chow” due out in the new year on their own label Brain Juice Recordings and distributed by My-ish who were responsible for putting out Donaeo’s “Party Hard” album.

The Cardiff guys man business impact imminent!

Rachel Claudio: “she is what I call a throwback to the future” Erik Rico (producer for Tupac Shakur)

Lastly this lady is an absolutely phenomenal pianist, singer, song writer and a composer and she is in stark contrast to the three people before offering up some brilliant soul and rnb. I kid you not when I say that her soon to be released album Claudiography is probably one of the best Soul/RnB albums that I have heard this year. From track 1 to 16 the treats that this album gives are plentiful from up tempo to, to mid tempo to down tempo Rachel smacks it like she’s a dominatrix getting paid shed loads to deal out some sweet punishment. It’s right up there as a debut album but essentially she is not really a debut artist having worked with some big names in and around the game from Erik Rico who has produced for artists like Tupac and Q-Tip and Union Analogtronics who has worked with Talib Kweli and Elzhi.

Her album is released on the 5th of December and I strongly advise you to purchase it and indeed look out of this lady who I’m sure will make waves. Not necessarily in your commercial charts but she will become an underground favourite and indeed when she comes to perform a live set I am going to definitely get down there.