So here we go with another fresh instalment of banging talent from UK from the electro wizardry of Brolin to the rather vivacious RnB warbles of Veronica V straight from Stateside-ok let’s go in!

Brooding Brolin


I saw this enigmatic performer down at Elektrowerks near Islington and I was significantly mesmerised by his brooding electronic compositions that shook up my cerebral cortex.

There’s a certain theatre that the London Based producer/singer brings with the whole mask wearing thing but far from cheesy it adds to the whole experience. Of course if his music was crap the mask thing would indeed not work!-but when you hear tracks like Another Year with its subtle yet distinct intensity the whole drama just works.

He actually came onto the scene with the electronic and oppressive darkness of NYC which amassed some 100,000 hits when it came out and this was achieved with little or no promo. Since then Brolin has kept the whole enigmatic thing going only dropping live shows in it seems carefully selected places-the Elektrowerks live performance where he headlined was suitably rare. He is gaining real backing from big industry heads like Annie Mac and Huw Stephens-he’s also performed alongside Syron who featured in the last Future Flavours.

So 2013 he is due to drop some fresh electro magic with Reykjavik the lead track from the forth coming EP Cundo which is released on the 25th March. If I said I like this track it would be like saying, “I like oxygen”-go check out Brolin.



Last Night In Paris


Since coming across this young band of talented creatives I can’t help but feel that they just sum up that energy and vibe that many of the fresh artists’ possess-it’s intoxicating. They are dropping the whole difficult to get info thing which I kind of like a bit of teasing never did any harm it’s like good foreplay!

LNIP are in fact rocking a sexy uber cool thing mixing smashing vocals from guys n gals and effective raps. Subject matter is focused primarily it seems on  relationships. Breathe is a firing track with a deep voiced aggy rap and an ethereal singer but I am really feeling the sexually charged Too Many Stars. It is absolutely brilliant and features Rainy Milo who tears the chorus apart like a brutal session of origami! They also do the whole slow jam thing and So Very is a smouldering ember of a track look out for that it has just dropped-the singer smacks it like a bad child!

Go check out their collection of atmospheric productive flexes on Roses. If I said that I like this it would be like me saying “I like food”.




James Craise-Rebel Finding a Cause

James Craise

There’s something of the James Dean about James Craise and that is not because his first name is the same. With the stylish black and white picture of James he’s definitely giving off that whole rebel without a cause look he’s got that edgy, cool “I only cry in private look” (whether that is true or not is another question). That look in truth kind of sums up James- he’s got a real polished emotive vocal able to drop a falsetto note with ease. Yet he also drops that slightly rough vocal which I love check him in this cover of the great track by Lana Del Rey Born To Die !

He’s a soulful brother and just watching his performances you know he was born to a soul beat. James has started the industry talking in droves so it’s no surprise that he’s currently working with Professor Green on heaps of new material. I actually spoke with him a few days ago and he had just finished a recording session with Green so that is a big look-cannot wait to hear that new material.

In terms of old material go to his soundcloud- Song For Tomorrow is a slow anthem of a ballad driven by heavy piano keys and electric undertones. For something a little more up-tempo you cannot go wrong with Checkmate noice.

If I was to say that I like James Craise it would be like saying “I like water”





Veronica V-Very Vivacious!

Veronica V IMAGE

We now take a step across to the States and a fresh talent from the Cash Money stable. Veronica V is being touted as the first lady of the label and I like her!

The solo female market, like the male market is heavily competitive and so it’s always going to be hard but Veronica (hailing from Chicago) could not have stepped out with a much bigger debut single. What Happened To Us features one of the biggest names from the new crop of US rappers in the shape of 2 Chainz-production comes from Polow Da Don whose creative flair has been used for names like Usher, Chris Brown, T.I., Rihanna, Christina Aguillera.

If I was to say that I like this track it would be like saying “I like Veronica V”. It’s a club tearing, bass bumping, sexy piece of RnB/hip-hop that requires sweaty, sexy gyrations while that flute entices you to ride along that ferocious beat.

Of course we have to talk vocals and Veronica is on point bringing some sweet urban swagger; it perfectly suits that RnB/Hip-hop combination. The video is simple but of a high production and those shorts that Veronica wears really makes the video (wink wink).

I think as the litmus test this first single sets the benchmark extremely high. It is early no doubt and getting signed is not a fore gone conclusion of success but I cannot see why she cannot hit the top. I am defo expecting another big single with an equally big collabo but more than that I would love one terrifyingly good RnB slow jam banger from this lady whose vocal performance would undoubtedly smash it-Future Flavours supporting Veronica V!


Man Get Out

man get out

Lastly we hit Liverpool for a five piece band comprising of Lloyd (vocals), Rob (keys) & Joe (bass) are from Liverpool, Chris’s (drummer) from London and Lars (guitar) is from Norway. They have played some big festivals already and a stint at the iconic Cavern is a testament to them.

Their sound judging by their two releases oscillates between contemporary pop with the track Berlin which they debuted at the huge MOJO in Liverpool-to their current single (which I prefer) called Sordid Affair which is a nostalgic and tight throw back to 80’s pop music minus bad mullets, off key dancing and strikes induced by the hard line tactics of Margaret Thatcher. If I was to say I like this track it would be like saying “I like sleep”. It’s starts off fuelled by a crisp piano rift before blasting full speed into 80’s, shimmering high top rifts and forays into rock guitar rifts -I defy you not to start nodding your head.

The band recently returned from Norway where they were recording their album and judging by what they told me it sounds like it went tremendously well. As with anything hard work is always the key but it sounds like they are doing just that-cannot wait to hear that album.

Sordid Affair