After supporting people like James Brown and more recently the modern day phenomenon that is Ed Sheeran on his Dublin tour, Kal is quickly making her mark with her heartfelt lyrics accompanied by her acoustic guitar.

She is a brilliant live performer devoid of razzmatazz which can sometimes be a smoke screen against mediocre talent. Yet Kal pushes mediocrity aside with her classy vocals, understated performance, acoustic guitar and tight song-writing. It is this combination that brought success last year to her song Breakfast at Tiffany’s from her debut album Shivers, receiving the iTunes single of the week. As well as a feature on the Artful Dodger’s track ‘Could Just Be The Bassline’.

She is currently in the studio working on a new EP, which promises to be an interesting amalgamation of her rootsy acoustic driven vocals with bars from some of the top MCs in the UK, Mikel Pane and Fem Fel to name but a few.

So look out for this lady who will be touring heavily this year. Or follow her on twitter: @KalLavelle.


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