Londoner Fuzay comes out with his fresh bit of niceness in the shape of his mix-tape Winnaz Therapy. Featuring a host of some names like Wiz Khalifa and Loick Essien, Fuzay is to be honest damn busy. So busy in fact that like it was a double time session I literally only got five minutes with the man himself.

Fuzay 2

Not a major problem anyway. He duly took a bit of time out of his busy schedule for a brief one on one to talk about his Wiz Khalifa featuring on the mix-tape and of course his forth coming plans.

Explain your musical journey and your influences?

I started spitting grime when I was about 12 or 13 years old before progressing to straight rapping. I made the track ‘Too Much Swagger’ with Sneakbo in 2013 and then a great opportunity to sign with Always Recordingz came and so I took that which of course helped me to work on my current mix-tape Winnaz Therapy.

What’s on your playlist right now?

Any good music that’s popping with good vibes and energy influences me. The likes of Drake, Meek Mill, Jay Z, The Future, Skepta, Chip…the list goes on. 

Winnaz Therapy is self-explanatory, but how important have you found having a winning mentality in the music business?

I have found that you have to have a tough skin. Your feelings might get hurt, things may not go your way, but you have to pick yourself and keep going and be consistent because you never when your opportunity will appear.

Some great features on the mix-tape; the Paigey track people has got people talking for sure.

It came about as good, fun vibes with a good beat and good energies coming together and putting their flavour and stamp on the music.

And what about the Wiz collabo great look?

I was in Miami two years ago met a lot of people. I met a guy called DJ Shark who owned a label and managed artist too. At the time he was managing Graph and he hit up and asked me to feature on a track with Graph featuring Wiz Khalifa. They wanted a London rapper on the remix so they sent me over the parts and I sent them back my verse. They premiered it in America and then a couple of months later DJ Shark cut ties with Graph. I asked if I could use the track on my mix-tape and his exact words were “yeah, go ahead you killed that ish.”

Last how you going to make 2015 Fuzay time?

By consistently unleashing big tracks and big mix-tapes!