A garden room will help you enjoy a space that’s not connected to the rest of your house. You can turn it into whatever you want and need and you can also decorate it however you like. Keep reading this guide put together by Swift to find out what your garden room can be used for and how you could decorate it.

What can you do with your garden room?

There are many ways in which you can use your garden room. You may still be sorting out your priorities regarding this additional space. Here are a few popular uses to help you get some inspiration or decide on what you want your garden room to be:

  • Home office: You’ll definitely avoid many distractions like pets and family members in this way. Your home office will help you focus on your every task without making you feel like you miss your home. Just make sure you decorate it and have it look as cosy as possible.
  • Personal gym: Enjoy a separate space designed for daily fitness and training sessions. Install the equipment you’ll be using, good lighting, a mirror, and a bathroom and you’ll have the gym you need.
  • Cosy guest room: You will certainly make your guests feel at home in this way as a garden room will feel incredibly comfortable and intimate. Make sure you install a bathroom for the visitors, so they can have their own space without disturbing you.
  • Entertainment place: Enjoy the ideal combination of inside and outside for some comfort and excitement. Add electricity and connection to the Internet, as well, so you can use speakers and projectors and have a great time with your guests.
  • Relaxation space: You can have your own sanctuary by using your garden room as a meditation space. It will be quiet enough for you to be able to focus on your breathing and being in the moment. No one will disturb you and you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed during and after your session.

How to decorate your garden room

When it comes to decorating your garden room, the two most important aspects you need to consider are the following:

What colours do you want to paint it?

The colour of your garden room will set the tone for the energy you’ll feel whenever you’re there. That’s why it’s important to decide which colour or colours you want to paint the inside walls of your garden room. Its purpose will help you select something appropriate. For example, if you decide to go for a meditation space, a relaxing and peaceful colour such as light yellow or pink will be perfect.

What type of lighting are you going for?

Lights are just as important since they help set the mood. You can install smart lighting and walk into the garden room asking the smart speaker to turn on the lights. You could also ask it to change the light’s colour whenever you want a different mood. High tech is great that way.

Image via Unsplash