Gekesha Johnson

Gekesha Johnson offers her latest song, ‘My Baby’. After being unable to get the beat and lyric idea out of her head, she found herself singing ‘My Baby’ continuously from her apartment to the studio!

This love song is definitely for fans of Whitney Houston and Anita Baker, offering a 90’s slow jam sound. A virtual live performance of the track is coming up where she will boast her vocal abilities on the undeniable soulful and catchy track, ‘My Baby’. This live stream will be available on her social media.

Gekesha Johnson has been writing music since she was a child, however, after suffering fear of rejection, she had to take some time away from music. With her return 6 months ago with her track ‘Goodbye’ (watch below) she truly found her style and now she’s back with a confident new release to see how far music can take her! The latest single ‘My Baby’ will be available on all major platforms.