Generous Records

Generous Records are set to release their latest compilation album titled Let the Music Give on the 22nd February 2019. The record aims to raise money for charity’s supporting cancer research and sufferers of motor neurone disease.

Founded by Jon Peel, Generous Records is a project aimed at showcasing a range of genres within just one record. Peel has worked in the industry for a number of years now, with experience not only writing but also producing.

The 11 track album Let The Music Give features pop, reggae, ska, rock and rap with each track coming from a different artist. Everyone on the record was selected for their special qualities, from powerful vocalists to unique instrumentalists.

To achieve the highest quality sound the record was mixed by Jonathan Vincent (media, record producer and composer) and mastered by Russ Hepworth-Sawyer, founder of award-winning “MOTTOsound”. Their clever mastering skill allows this album to bring the listener into an almost live show experience.

Generous Records encompass not only a great passion for music but also a desire to make a difference. This album is dedicated to raising funds for two major UK charities committed to helping those suffering from cancer and motor neurone disease. With this in mind, Generous Records will commit 70% of net profits to be allocated to those charities, the remaining 30% being invested back into the development and production of the next project.

“It’s important to be able to do something for others and the concept of Generous Records is what all this is about.”

Let The Music Give – Generous Records will be available on all major digital platforms from the 22nd February 2019.