georgiee_w_corture_2Fresh off the catwalk at London Fashion Week September 2009.

With a multitude of media from the likes of Elle, Pride, Vogue and She Caribbean magazines gracing her front row seats, this London born designer has definitely found her calling and is heading in the right direction.

In this economy where fashion is still first and fore-most, designer Georgette Williams brings a fresh outtake to the industry by finding the middle-point and most importantly, wearable points, that lie between the outrageous fashion decisions that seemed to grace the London catwalks this season. With her classic designs, Georgette gives this collection the perfect partnership, ‘contemporary with a hint of vintage’.

georgiee_w_cortureGeorgie W. Couture’s Spring-Summer 2010 Collection ‘The Girl Can’t Help It’ was her debut solo show at London Fashion Week’s 25th anniversary, the perfect choice for this young label and a truly historical moment.

This collection is confidently feminine, it pays homage to a time when women rose to the challenge and fulfilled the roles of men and still maintained elegance and grace. With hard- wearing twills, delicate cottons and elegant satins each garment encompasses the spirit of a strong modern woman, who can do it all whilst looking fabulous.

Colours include lemon yellows, silver grays; solid whites and chocolate browns creating combinations, which are gentle and delicate.

Georgette says ‘The aim of this collection is to make women look fresh, fabulous and feminine’.

Be Different… Be Individual… Be Unique