When buying your girlfriend underwear the question most men ask themselves is: “How slutty can I go before I insult her?” then buy something that is totally inappropriate anyway and watch while she opens it in front of you with a fixed grin and her with a look of abject horror and/or hits you…..hard…..sometimes including the line ‘I don’t think we should see each other anymore’.

To avoid an argument, pain and a potential life of solitude, you have to find something that suites her personal style. But what is that? One day she’s in jeans, the next a short black dress and always in your imagination; naked! And anyway isn’t it really a gift for you? Your personal style and wants should be the those that matter shouldn’t they?

Unfortunately no. Women do like to be adored, respected, understood and for their partner to know everything that goes on in their mind – like a sexy Derren Brown if you will (not that they ask for much).

Here’s a basic guide that we at the iCandy office find invaluable – taking out the guess work and relying on tried and tested psycho metrics to get your purchase 98% right (probably). We interviewed our iCandy models and found that by analyzing what dirty talk the beauty in question likes in the bedroom, you can probably determine what to buy.

If she likes pet names like “snugglekins” and being told she is ‘beautiful’ while you’re giving it to her gently, stick to pastel colour baby dolls and silk short sets, maybe something with ‘Hello Kitty’ or something equally nauseating on it and maybe look into getting a mistress.

The girls who prefer to have their hair pulled and being called a ‘dirty slut’ and respond well to the commands; ‘take it!’ and ‘ride it harder!’ will probably appreciate basques, red lace, and stockings and suspenders (we like girls like this).

If she’s more likely to be calling you names like ‘pathetic weasel’ and saying ‘You like that don’t you!’ while utilizing power tools, chains and a table-tennis bat in her sound-proofed bedroom; black PVC thigh-high boots, a cat-suit, a riding crop and German military hat should go down a storm with her.

[quote]Take a look at my picture and guess which of the type of women mentioned above is me. ; ) and be sure to leave your comments below so that I can reply to you all.[/quote]

However, if your love making doesn’t fall into any of those categories and you’re still a little unsure, to remove all the guess work and make a choice that provides 100% satisfaction, we have scoured the lingerie departments, polled our girls and found a range of lingerie that is so exquisite, whatever her personal style, she is sure to reward you handsomely with any gift from Sonata Lingerie.

The pictures say it all, classy, shear and just the right balance that will leave you both thinking ‘I don’t know whether to take it off or leave it on’.

By Gaia beck, follow Gaia on twitter @gaiabeck

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  1. I would defiantly like to get in her nickers lol and I’m the one that normaly gets slapped for buying the skimpy items lol a lot of your stuff is very good very sexy.

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