During your relationship did you ever question your sanity? Did your partner belittle/control you? Did you also pull away from your friends and family?

If so, this behaviour indicates that you were most likely dating a narcissist. Congratulations for getting out of this relationship because very few people struggle to do so.

Breaking up with a narcissist can be a challenging and exhausting process. Not only do you have to come to terms with the fact that the person you loved only really loved themselves, you also have to face up to the difficult, painful and even humiliating things you went through during your relationship.

Narcissists are very good at becoming the centre of your universe when you’re with them and this usually means that getting over the relationship can be a lot harder than a normal break-up.

Understanding narcissism

Narcissists are generally charming, intelligent and extremely manipulative. They require constant attention and often exaggerate their talents or achievements. They are selfish and according to psychologists, they often put their loved ones through emotional and sometimes physical abuse, simply because they are scared of intimacy.

Getting over a narcissistic ex

Moving on from a narcissistic relationship is difficult but there are steps you can follow to ensure you will heal properly and move on.

1. Cut contact

Block their number, remove them and all of their friends off social media and whatever you do, do not contact them. Narcissists do not give up easily and they are likely to contact you in the hope they can dangle the carrot and watch you run back. Don’t give in to their manipulation!

2. Meet new people

Whether you’re ready to date again or just want to go out and socialise, Huggle is the perfect social app. Not only can you use it to find friends, dates or both – the location app connects you with people who go to the same places as you. Huggle is great for finding like-minded people who share your interests and lifestyle. We’re not promising you anything, but you may find your best friend or even the love of your life….

3. Focus on yourself and do things that make you happy

This is a really important step if you are looking to heal quickly. Take time to do all the things you wanted to do, whether that’s spending time with friends, going travelling or taking up a hobby. This may sound daunting as being with a narcissist they would have made you timid around new people, but you’re out of that situation now. It’s time to reconnect with people that make you happy. Again use our favourite social app Huggle to meet people who go to the places you visit – you never know who you might discover!

Focus on yourself and do things that make you happy

4. Get support

It’s a good thing to sit on your own and recognise that the relationship was toxic. However, getting support from family, friends or even a therapist, will help you quickly get back to the road of recovery. Surround yourself with good people and eventually, you will forget the past and move on.

Get support

5. Remember narcissists only seek successful people

Many people blame themselves for the reason why their relationship ended. Although you may have some self-esteem issues, you are also a healthy, intelligent and successful person too. Narcissists tend to date people who are deeply empathetic and compassionate; which is exactly how they take advantage. Narcissists love to place people in their shadow, but now you’re free from the relationship now so you can shine, just like you did before.

Remember narcissists only seek successful people


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