Read through our guide on how to get started when it comes to putting on your very own mass participation fundraising event as well as some top tips and tricks.

Mass participation fundraising events are coming back. Last year, the top 25 UK mass participation fundraising events managed to raise over £119.5 million for charity. This is almost a 60% increase on the year before 2020, which is showing that mass participation fundraising events are on their way back. If you run a business or a charity and you’re thinking about getting involved and putting on your own mass participation fundraising event, then read on, as we’ve put together a guide on where to start if you want to get involved in the fun.


If you’re going to be putting on a mass participation fundraising event, the first thing you have to do is market it like crazy. You want to start advertising and encouraging people to sign up as far as a year in advance, as people who sign up for these kinds of events are usually the ones who are raising significantly more than those who are only beginning their fundraising just before the event. You want to continually encourage new participants to sign up, but also remember to send check-ups and reminder emails to those who already have as the event gets closer to achieving maximum engagement.

Staffing Solutions

Another extremely important part of putting on any event, especially a large-scale event like a mass participation event, is to get great staffing. Look for companies who are experienced mass participation sports organisers to help support you in the creation and running of your event. Staff who are well trained and able to adapt to work well at your event is essential as the event will feel much smoother and easier to navigate to all attendees. Make sure staff working have all the information about the event and know what to do to answer some of the most common questions you expect to come across.

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Motivate Participants

On the day of your event, you want to do everything you can to motivate participants. Recognise some of the biggest fundraisers and the people who have made the biggest impact on your event, and be sure to thank everyone for taking part and getting involved. Take lots of pictures and collect feedback so that your next event can be even bigger and better.

Social Media

Make use of social media. Nowadays, everyone is on social media, and it can be one of the best places to really bring together a group of people. Use social media to advertise your event and make sure that every post is letting people know when the event is, where it is and where they can buy tickets or sign up to be involved. The further you spread the word the more successful your event is going to be.

Be sure to take time to plan your event and staff it properly so that on the big day, you can focus all of your attention on the participants and make sure that everyone involved has a wonderful time and is able to contribute to be able to make a big difference.

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