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Emerging pop singer Seryna Jane debut her first single ‘Haunt Me,’ growing up in a musical home, she knew that she was destined to be an artist.

Seryna’s soothing voice and relatable lyrics make her our pick for the one to watch for 2018. Her upcoming EP ‘August Calling’ is set to be her most exposed and rawest songs she’s ever written.

We sit down with Seryna and chat about what is the one thing that haunts her, why she loves Hanson and why she’d love to one day be like John Mayer.

How did you first start in the music?

I grew up in a musical home. Not that either of my parents were musically trained, but we had guitars, a keyboard, drums and percussion at home that I’d always play around with. In primary school I would make up songs and put on concerts with my friends, but it was just fun and games. I was around 15 when a few girls from school and I created a girl band called Roundabout. Looking back, we were beyond terrible! But we were naïve and enthusiastic and just went for it. From there my passion for writing music and performing really began to unfold. I ended up branching out as a solo artist, Seryna Jane, and have been writing and performing ever since.

What’s the one thing that has haunted you until this day?

The first scary movie I ever saw has haunted me for the last 20 years, to the point where now the only movies I watch are comedy/action or kids movies. I was at my neighbour’s house, and she put on a horror movie; I don’t even remember the name of it. The part that stuck in my mind was when a girl in the movie ran into a bathroom to hide. Ants started crawling into the bathroom under the door until soon the floor was completely covered. She screamed and jumped onto the rim of the toilet seat. The ants then started crawling up out of the toilet and up her legs. Then this hand suddenly rose up out of the toilet and grabbed her by the ankle. Okay, so as I’m saying this I’m realising how G rated and stupid this movie sounds, but it left me scared of ants and terrified of going to the toilet for weeks!

Tell us what ‘Haunt Me’ is about?

‘Haunt Me’ is about those past lovers who keep their grip on you. They linger in your mind and keep a piece of your heart. It’s about that frustrating, even sickening, feeling of thinking you have moved on and let go, but realising that they still haunt you.

You’re also gearing up to release a new EP, can you tell us what we can expect?

“August Calling” will be released in March 2018! The four tracks on it are some of the most honest and exposed songs that I have written in the last eight years. Each song is unique and I’ve had a lot of fun working with different producers on this EP. I’ve been playing around with different sounds and instrumentation, but at the core of my music, always lies the feeling. When I write, I write for me. I write to process what’s going on in my head and let go of emotions that otherwise would stay bottled up. But at the end of the day, my biggest hope is that when someone listens to my songs, they feel something.

You love Hanson, which member and why is your favourite? Will we hear Mmm-bop in your next EP?

OMG I love them so much! As soon as someone mentions their name I feel like a giddy teenager again. Zac Hanson is definitely my favourite. The musician in me says it’s because of his amazing and unique vocal tone, the teenage girl in me says it’s because he’s so pretty! Haha. The next EP won’t just feature a Hanson song, it will be a collaboration with them! (Wow daydreaming a little there… but oh my, could you imagine?! I think I’d die). But seriously, come along to any of my gigs, MmmBop is always on the set list!

Which artist do you aspire to be and why?

Oh there are so many incredible artists who I draw inspiration from in different ways. But if I had to choose just one, I’d say John Mayer. His lyrics and song writing are absolutely amazing. The way he pulls at my heartstrings with his words gets me every time. “Clarity” is one of my all time favourite songs. I have so much admiration for John Mayer.




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