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Australian MC Zeal Static is on the come-up. Whilst he’s remained mostly underground his re-emergence into the scene with his latest offering ‘Meet The Rebel’ EP shows he is here to stay.

Coming from humble beginnings, Zeal migrated to Australia from Fiji, his music reflects what life is like for many immigrants that move to another country to then call home.

We sit down with Zeal and talk about why he looks up to Malcolm X, growing up in a single parent household and how that shaped him as an artist.

How did you come up with your name Zeal Static?

My homies used to call me by different alias but it wasn’t until I really knuckled down on my writing and rhyming skill. I love reading books and would also utilise the dictionary and in doing so I came across the word “Zeal”, which means someone

who is eager and me being an eager person who always is keen to try and learn new things the word fits me to a T and “Static”, in street slang means drama or ruckus which is something I never back down from, so I just put the two together and it just stuck to me.

You grew up in a single mother household, how did this shape your music?

My mother raised my sister and me all by herself, she worked 9-5 on a low paying job but still managed to pay the bills and bring food home, so my mother is my inspiration, seeing her cry and struggle to make ends meet, gave me the inner sense to strive and achieve my goals and I talk about these experiences in my music.

Who are your influences?

My influences would be Malcolm X because I take huge interest in his life, his mission, what he stood for and his undying resilience in the fight for his people, also Tupac because I can relate my life experiences with his, I think he was a great poet, actor and also was a student of Malcolm X just like I am.

What do you think about the rap scene in UK?

I think the rap scene in UK is blowing up, there is a huge amount of talent there especially in the battle scene and a lot of people are recognising the movement.

What is one thing you want your listeners to take away from your latest EP?

The one thing I would like my listeners to take away from this EP is never be afraid to be your self because only being yourself the world gets to see the real you.

What is the most rebellious thing you have done?

When I was a little younger, during high school we had to do work experience for two weeks, so I decided to work for my uncle, it got to a stage where I lost all interest in that line of work that I didn’t want to work for my uncle, so one day when my uncle came to pick me up, I jumped out the back window of my house and ran away for a few hours, knowing that by the time I come back he would be gone.



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