fashion meets tech - ghost in a shell

The intersection of fashion, technology and film was showcased last night in Paris at a unique exhibition curated by Tumblr.

The latest in wearable couture from a selection of designers using technology to pioneer their designs and creations was displayed at PROTOTYPE, an event in celebration of the release of Paramount Pictures’ Ghost In The Shell.

Models wore pieces from designers including CuteCircuit, Silvia Fado and Emel+Aris while Iris Apfel’s Socialite Collection for Wise Wear provided accessories.  Hollywood costume designers, Chromat showcased their Adrenaline Dress, a piece which changes to react to the wearer’s emotions.

Guests were entertained by Viktoria Modesta, the ‘Bionic Pop Star’ who’s single Prototype inspired elements of the evening. Modesta, who is also the face of Channel 4’s Born Risky disability initiative performed live to some the industry’s biggest opinion formers.

Viktoria Modesta

Tumblr will showcase highlights and original content from the event online from March 10th.



Ghost in the Shell costume designers Chromat presented their Adrenaline Dress. Powered by Intel the piece is composed of printed panels interlinked into an expandable carbon fibre framework which mimics the body’s ‘fight or flight’ reaction and changes shape to empower the wearer.

Wise Wear

WiseWear, is an award winning boutique engineering and design firm that develops innovative products from “end-to-end.” WiseWear “fuses fashion with threads of technology” by seamlessly integrating proprietary biosensing and wireless communication technologies into everyday items. The industry refers to WiseWear as the first “FASHION-FUSIONISTS” which strive to make electronics invisible – a balanced blend of fashion, form and function. Fashion icon Iris Apfel is an avid spokesperson for the Socialite Collection.


The internationally renowned fashion house has been attracting fans to its interactive designs since its launch in 2004. With celebrity advocates including Katy Perry, Nicole Sherzinger and Sarah Brightman, the brand innovates through the use of smart textiles and micro-electronics to create both ready to wear and haute couture collections. Pieces include a Kinetic Dress which reacts to the wearers surroundings and mood to a dress which can receive and display tweets in real time.


Creators of the ‘Smart Coat’, which uses Far Infrared technology to warm the muscles of the wearer, improving circulation to allow the wearers whole body to feel warm. The luxury jacket for men and women is designed to bridge the gap between fashion and function with six of the garments available to trial at the event.

Silvia Fado

Shoe designer Silvia Fado’s work explores the relationship between the movement of the body and fashion footwear design on the one hand, and high performance Sports footwear and body movement on the other. Her Kinetic Traces collection of Hydraulic Heels brings Sports footwear fundamentals to high-end fashion to create an arresting anthology which uses springs, rubber balls and pneumatic hydraulics to absorb shock.

Ghost in the Shell opens in UK cinemas on March 31st 2017. Ghost in the Shell opens in France on March 29th 2017.

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