Guys – Do you always forget to stock up on your razors and end up with an inferior shave, always something else to do, no time to get to the shops to stock up?

Well Gillette has now teamed up with major retailers to deliver their unbeatable world class blades straight to your front door.


To accompany Gillette’s new service they have put their creative heads to good use with a movie like advert; Think your classic gangster movie with that ominous feel, an atmospheric moody setting with an 80’s theme…. with a smart phone obviously.

If you’re a fan of films such as Goodfella’s or the Godfather this ad will be right up your street. It may not be quite up to Scorsese levels but we think skin care may not be the only thing they are good at. We think Gillette Films has a nice ring to it…

Male Grooming has never been as important as it is right now and the number one name in Men’s grooming, Gillette, with over 100 years of experience, are now offering men the chance to join their Gillette Club online. Offering the best in online services to men who take the way they look seriously.

Gillette is offering today’s busy man the option to choose their very own personalised shaving plan with delivery to anywhere you wish when it is most convenient to you, you can even choose how frequent you want the best in shaving precision to be sent out to you.

This is how it works:

  1. Visit to select your preferred retailer.
  2. Choose from Gillette’s best blades.
  3. Personalise your plan based on your shaving frequency.
  4. Order and get blades delivered to your home.

It’s as simple as that. No more excuses on why you use that very last blade longer than you should. No more excuses for looking shabby with an inferior shave. Just get online and let them do the rest for you. There are no hidden costs and no commitment needed on your part; you simply cancel your subscription at any time you want. You even get a discount on every pack you order.

The Gillette Club is accessible via their retail partners Amazon and Superdrug, two names we can all count on to bring us value for money.

For more information and the latest news on Gillette, visit