All you need are 5 core tips to enhance your living, look your best and make you feel on top of your world and in control. It only takes a little more attention to the simplest things in your routine which can make the biggest difference in your life. So listen up if you want to boost your confidence, health and looks.

121108111904_happy-girl-455 1) Sleep – make sure you get enough, seven hours at the very least every night. Too little sleep and it always shows on your face under your eyes taking away your natural shine,. Lack of sleep is also detriment to your concentration and brain power in general. Your body will feel over-worked when it isn’t, and this results in unnecessary stress which of course leads to other problems such as hair loss, dry skin and a weak immune system. No one wants to come across as a zombie!

2) Eat and drink – if you have a lifestyle full of takeaways and resort to eating junk while at work – then stop right now! You are what you eat, and this can’t be more true. Eat healthy, you stay healthy. Eat junk, you look like junk and most probably will feel the junk slowing you down. This means maintaining a balanced diet of vegetables, fruit, fish and meat throughout your week (more vegetables, the better, as there is virtually no fat!). The 3 M’s are what will keep you going throughout the day: breakfast meal, lunch meal, dinner meal. Breakfast doesn’t have to be huge but you need some energy to start off your day, and let’s be honest, your mood is happy when your tummy is happy! Lunch is vital, it’s the top-up your body and brain needs, and the more nutritional it is the better. Dinner, like lunch, should always be had on time and not too late (any later than 8pm and your body will store the fat as you’ll be sleeping soon!). Eat in sufficient portions and don’t forget salad and your 5-a-day of fruit which can be in the form of fruit juices.
Drinking plenty of water is vital to your immune system as well as your skin – your body requires to be hydrated to function at it’s best and your skin will also look fresh and clean. Avoid fizzy drinks, although it’s not bad to enjoy one occassionally or with a nice meal. Completely remove alcohol from your daily routine and replenish yourself with water – alcohol does not benefit you on a daily basis, so just save it exclusively for the weekend when on a night out with friends.

3) Exercise – the word itself sounds like a chore but it doesn’t have to be! Any continous physical exertion is a form of exercise, as long as it makes your heart race and make you breathless (yes yes… for the lovebirds out there, you can do it with your partner too!). Running, walking, and trampolining are the most easy and flexible forms of exercise for someone with a busy routine – 15-20 minutes everyday is enough either in the morning or evening. Yoga is an easy-going and simple form of exercise, particularly suited to lightweights!
It doesn’t have to be done alone either; get your friends together and go for a kick in the park, play some tennis, or even host a weekly dance-off in your own home, as dancing is an effective and fun exercise itself. Walking/cycling to work is an option (heck, why not even roller blading!?) and it helps when you have your favourite music blaring on your mp3 or iPod to keep you pumped and motivated. Keep your exercise up at least 3 days a week to begin feeling the extra spring in your step as well as developing a fitter and leaner looking body.

happy_man4) Relax – if you work hard, you must play hard – life is all about balance. Your body and mind needs to be free otherwise it will literally be boxed and restricted and this affects your wellbeing. Read a book, listen to music, watch a movie, go to the beauty salon, pamper yourself, and take an interest in something different to keep open-minded. If you’re over-stressed, then your mentality will reflect that and you just might be making things harder for yourself by upsetting others, making mistakes etc.

5) Don’t worry, be happy – Worrying is a totally useless emotion. Unfortunately, we find ourselves still doing it. Whether it be worrying for a family member, a friend, your boyfriend/girlfriend, studies, work, money and plenty of other things, you aren’t doing yourself a favour by worrying. Always remember to stay positive. Keep moving. Keep busy – you’ll find you have forgotten worrying about things you used to worry about and that’s the key. Life is far too short to waste on worrying for the unknown. Live for what you know!

With just these 5 factors combined, you’ll definately find yourself feeling better, healthier, confident and looking more attractive. Your body is your first home – keep it running smoothly and you’ll be sure to have a smooth life and your inner light will undoubtedly shine through and bring out the best in your image. Good luck and happy living!