So we’ve all heard the rumour that layering is gold when it comes to dressing well right? Vintage blouse, preppy vest, and slouchy boyfriend blazer… ring any bells? But, feeling like you need to buy a new outfit every time you go out (thanks to the tagging application on Facebook) is time consuming AND unrealistically expensive! You know what they say, ‘If money can’t buy you happiness, then obviously you’re not a very good shopper’ (laughs out loud)…because adding key accessory pieces to your wardrobe will transform almost any outfit.

Here are a few of my current favourites…

 Turquoise stones.

Chunky bangles and bracelets.


Cuff Earrings.

Reworked Wedges.

Bobble Hats.

Nail Art.

Oversized watches.

Signature Shades.

Tribal necklaces.

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