Typically that word, ‘Cape’ conjures images of masked super heroes and crusading vigilantes. But it seems that fashion has taken a brave turn when designers like Ralph Lauren featured their take on the feather cape trend in the Fall 2012 shows.

Under the hypnotic influence of this bold trend I reworked these styling elements into a recent creative project. The accessorising was detrimental to the overall look as I was determined to stick to what I call, ‘The Burlesque Goth’. I was lucky enough to find a spiked ear cuff on one of my many adventures to Portobello market that actually resembled small silver feathers similar to the cape itself!

When attempting to assemble this fashionably loud and incredibly baroque look I had to take into consideration that edgy hair & make-up would be essential!

Although I am a religious fan of the ever so popular ‘Top Knot’ bun hair styles like the majority of fashionistas. On this occasion I felt the need to break away from the ‘predictable’ and re-work this hair style by slicking the hair back, and pining cork screw curls into a high set bun instead. The hair was kept away from the face in order to allow the focus to remain on the ensemble itself. However, the texture and volume of the curls permitted the hairstyle to be unique in its own right.

The idea in mind for the eye make-up was to stick to the same dark colour pallet as the outfit. Therefore, charcoal greys and smouldering blacks were used to extenuate the feline shape of the eyes. While strong contouring and high lighting was used around the cheekbones and jawline in order to compliment the black & white photography.