Step away from the tweezers ladies!

Bold Brows

Bold brows are big news for spring as they have been seen dominating the catwalks this season. My advice is to leave the shape natural and use a brow pencil to add extra colour and define. Use powder colour-matched shadow and blend well for a soft finish.

Gina B Beauty inside tip – You really can achieve this look by simply letting your brows grow naturally – never pluck from the top and just take away the odd stray.

Colour Pop

Halleluiah for spring/summer! With the sunshine (well, promise of) opens the opportunity for pulling off gorgeous bold bright hues to add to our make-up collections. Be daring and pack a colour punch.


Spring/summer 2012 was all about skin. Whether tanned and toned or bright and natural, it’s never been more important to take care of your complexion. Go for regular facials and make sure you are wearing a foundation that actually matches your skin tone. Testing it on your jaw-line, rather than your hand, and checking it out in natural light is a good place to start.

Gina B Beauty Tips – Opt for a tinted moisturiser or a liquid foundation rather than a powder-based formula for a sheer finish with added glow. Make sure your lips are in tip-top condition for this look.

You can achieve this by gently scrubbing with a toothbrush in a circular motion once a week will get rid of dry skin, while applying a lip balm every night before bed will ensure you wake up beautiful.

Highlight cheek and brow bones with a touch of Vaseline or highlighting product to give your skin some extra glow.

This look really is a less-is-more statement, so leave locks loose and natural to complete the style.

Lighten your eyelids a touch to brighten the whole look.

Don’t be afraid to really leave skin glowing, but tread the line between glow and shine carefully – a touch on the nose and cheeks should suffice.

Invest in a brightening concealer to even skin-tone under eyes and brighten around your nose and Cupid’s bow.


Metallic colours are the biggest beauty story of spring/summer. Usually metallic colours spell festive sparkle and winter gold’s and silvers, but spring’s make-up looks make use of warm copper shadows, soft and smoky golden eyes.

Create look-at-me eye make-up looks by smattering high-shine silver shadow all over the upper lids and allowing some to fall under the eye. Add a touch of golden metallic shadow to your classic smoky eye kit.


The prettiest take on this trend: a hint of hot, pretty pink is blotted away for a subtle finish.

Just add a touch of bronzer from your cheekbones to the top of your ear for instant contouring.

Retro Glamour

Clean and polished retro make-up looks are never out of style, but spring’s pick are ultra-glossy and sophisticated.

A bold, bright red lip is the main component of this look.

Velvet-red lips and copper, feline eyes: this beauty look tells the world you mean business.

The Big Smoke

Smoky eyes went to new levels on the spring catwalks: go crazy with your kohl liner and add tablespoons of attitude to rock this glorious look. Blend that smoky shadow out just past the edge of your upper lid for a cool finish.

Coloured Lips

Pack up your lip gloss and dedicate your spring to finding the perfect lip colour. There’s something for everyone in this mixed bag, from pretty poppy reds to blindingly brilliant blues.

The lip we talked about for weeks after the show: blended, brilliant blue hues and cool aqua lips were the talk of the town. Go on, we dare you.

Statement Liner

Feline flicks go super-size and parallel lines take precedence as eyeliner turns artwork on the spring/summer catwalks. Go heavy on the liner under the eyes for this grungy style. The super-sized feline flick is this season’s fastest fashion update.



  1. The infraorbital nerve is a branch of the maxillary branch. It supplies not only the upper lip, but much of the skin of the face between the upper lip and the lower eyelid, except for the bridge of the nose.

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