Go silver for summer! With Crazy Colour and Maria Nila shining the light on how to achieve the ultimate silver hair-do.

Yes silver is on trend, and you know you want it. Now if you’re brave enough to go to the hair dressers and let them bleach your hair white before they colour it silver, you’ll want to be able to maintain your ashy hue for as long as possible.

If you’ve managed to achieve the nigh impossible and get your hair that on trend silver colour. How do you maintain it? Well have I got the prodcut for you! Maria Nila have a great product called colour refresh in Pearl silver. price: £16.99maria nila pearl silver colour refreshI would say this is comparable to a mild toner. You slap it on for the recommended time and it really helps to bring back that icey hair colour you’ve been rocking.

The label on the bottle says this is also a hair masque with “softening argan oil”, I think this was misleading, as I thought that this meant it was some kind of two in one product; tone and moisturise, that is not the case. However it is not as drying as a toner or a hair dye but don’t be fooled! Over all this product is a bad hair marsque but at the end of the day you’re not using it for that, therefor this is a great “toner”, or colour refresher. This was my best buy.

So the next thing I tested was the silverising shampoo (£12.98) and conditioner (£13.99)…. well I didn’t, but one of our highlighted blonde team members did. Now, if you want to maintain your silver hair or reduce the yellow tones from your blonde highlights, this has turned out to be a great product. My resident blonde has reported, that she now uses this as her daily shampoo, and unlike other silverising shampoos and conditioners it’s mild enough to use everyday but strong enough to take the brassy tones out of the hair, without making it patchy. The whole range of products are sulphate and paraben free as well as being vegan friendly.maria nila silver shampooThere doesn’t seem to be masses of silver hair colour ranges out there, although I have noticed shwarzkopf came out with their own pro range of permanent silver dyes (It’s on my list on things to try). On the non permanent end of the spectrum there is however crazy colour. This seems to have been around for ever! Through out the years this has been a staple in my life, through pinkissimo times and peacock blue and fire red to violet; I have indulged in crazy colour numerous times.crazy colour silver

This is a semi permenant dye, the paler shades will last 2/3 weeks the stronger colours can last longer. Let me tell you, you better make sure you bleach your hair to high heaven for this to work. DO NOT DO THIS YOURSELF! Get a hairdresser to bleach your hair it’s not worth the risk of hair breakage.

I opted for a mix of platinum and silver, after I successfully had the ends of my hair bleached white (it took two bleaching’s) I applied the silver and platinum in different sections and it looked fab (even if I do say so myself). I found that these light shades washed out pretty quickly though, but as the hair was bleached twice I think I still would have opted for Crazy Colour as it’s not drying to my hair.

Crazy colours aren’t strong but they do offer a wide variety of colours, I am however waiting for more companies to offer a better alternative but there seem to be so few out there, especially at an affordable price. I don’t think crazy colours are the best product but they offer a wide variety of unusual colours that are difficult to find any where else. If only they had a permanent range! you can buy them from for £6.98 although I would wait until they go on offer as it comes in really small bottles.

Top Tip: If you want to keep this semi permanent hair colour looking tip top for longer, wash your hair in cold water

Now you’re armed to battle the yellow and become an ice queen goddess for this summer.

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