Men’s boots are some of the most versatile choices in footwear you can make. Choosing your outfit around a specific pair of boots presents lots of different options that can be tailored to a formal or informal style.

Whether you’re looking to turn heads on the high street or stay sharp in a business meeting, a pair of boots can be the right way to go.

As a potential bonus for shorter men, lots of pairs increase your height slightly thanks to the heel. If one boot were to be selected for sheer practically and versatility, it would be the Chelsea boot. Easy to pull-on in a hurry and easy to match with a huge variety of outfits, a good Chelsea boot can be a statement piece and a staple of your wardrobe.

Online footwear specialist Charles Clinkard offers some of the highest quality Chelsea boots around from the brand Loake. Made in England with utmost care by 130 craftspeople, each pair can take up to 8 weeks to create. Learn how to style your Chelsea boots for either a day in the office or a night on the town.

Wearing Chelsea Boots for smart occasions

It doesn’t matter if you’re going fully formal or smart casual, Chelsea boots can blend into an outfit for business and help you look sharp enough to impress.

For fully formal outfits, don’t be afraid to pair boots with suits. Look to pair dark leather boots with a navy suit for a timeless and striking look. Similarly, you can match black Chelsea boots with slim fitting grey or black suits for a sleek and classic aesthetic.

Aside from suits, Chelsea boots can add that final bit of smartness to a simple trousers, shirt and coat combination. Combine brown Chelsea’s with blue denim and a crisp oxford shirt for a smart yet casual look in a more relaxed office. Match those with a brown belt and you’re set. Chinos of all colours can be matched with Chelsea boots and combined with a blazer for a non-suited, still smart option.

Keep it casual with Chelsea boots.

Denim is the best friend of casual outfits involving Chelsea boots. Rolled up jeans are in vogue and work excellently with a pair of brown boots and darker blue jeans. For lighter shades of denim, suede Chelsea boots are a head-turner. The king of casual street style, Kanye West, is often pictures rocking Chelsea’s with lighter jeans, longline white tees and a simple jacket.

Another simple combo is the use of black Chelsea’s and grey jeans with a black jacket to match the shoes. This can be offset with a white or pastel coloured t-shirt underneath the jacket. Black Chelsea boots combined with black jeans and a grey or white sweater is the king of smarter street style, especially when equipped with a longline brown jacket or coat.

With timeless versatility that can top off any outfit, the Chelsea boot will be a fashion favourite for years to come. If you don’t have a pair, you’re missing out. Add them to your wardrobe before autumn hits.