gopro karma out now

GoPro has unleashed it’s brand spanking new foldable drone named Karma.

Karma, GoPro’s answers to the world of drones is available on 23rd October 2016 for about £719 and expect discounted packages when bundled with the Go Pro Hero4 or Go Pro Hero 5.

The snazzy drone, slots right into the middle of the drone market, not too expensive that only the rich and famous can afford and not too cheap making it simply a gimmick or kids toy.

GoPro Karma in case
GoPro Karma in case

The foldable GoPro Karma fits inside a ruck sack making it easy to transport and weighs just over 1000grams, not bad eh? and you’ll get 20 minutes of flight on a full battery charge.

Inside the case you’ll get the drone, the stabiliser and the stand alone controller all packaged up nice.

The GoPro Karma has a clever little feature that gives the ability to use a companion smartphone or tablet app to let a friend control the camera while you fly the actual drone. PERFECT!

Excited? We are visit and get your hands on the GoPro Karma NOW