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theoWe interviewed GoThinkBig applicant, Theo Watt. He is a 21 year-old NCTJ Accredited Journalist from Bristol who landed an apprenticeship at Viacom.

Firstly where did you hear about GoThinkbig and where did you see the opportunity advertised?
I heard about GoThinkBig when I was doing work experience at ZOO last year. The team there told me about the scheme when it was just starting up.

Why did the Viacom opportunity on the website grab your attention?
I think the thing that interested me most about Viacom was to do with the amount of businesses Viacom actually own. On one hand you’ve of course got MTV which in its own right is huge worldwide but Viacom also own Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and Paramount etc.. So it’s almost like wow, OK I want to be a Journalist but look at everything else I can be involved with..there is a lot of space to move around.

Were you familiar with the Viacom brand?
Yeah! I said on my application for people, like myself, born in the Nineties you grow with the brand and know it to be what it is today. I was raised on Nickelodeon, discovered MTV and in my early teens and now I’m old enough to watch South Park without having to sneak downstairs to turn the TV on so I guess that’s where Comedy Central comes in.

Describe a typical working day at Viacom?
A typical day at Viacom is never typical; it’s always different which is the beauty of it and what keeps it fresh and interesting. I also rotate my role with the MTV Publicity team.

So usually I’ll get in at half 9 to start, I’ll sort through the daily newspapers and magazines to check for any MTV coverage or anywhere we’ve been mentioned, the double page spreads are scanned and filed…we also get publicity sent to us on email so those will get filed as well. Then it can be anything – we may be on set at a photo shoot for new shows or cast members or escorting the Geordie cast to an interview or just general admin. There is also handling image requests from Journalists or sending out press releases on any matter of things but there is always perks, working at the EMAs in Amsterdam being a big one and a few parties.

What have you gained from working at Viacom?
Following my time at Viacom I know I’m still very much geared up for Journalism and it is still my first and foremost passion…working with the news team confirmed that! I got absolutely everything I could ask for out of the experience. I’ve met some crucial contacts and made a lot of friends here who I will hope to keep in contact with. Also working as a publicity Intern I found a passion and love for PR which I know can only improve my work and understanding of Journalism because both roles go hand in hand.
One thing I did learn here was the importance of web-based content and anything to do with the web and how important social media is, we always take it for granted but to know you’re social media inside out is so valuable to businesses as everyone wants to be the first to really nail it.

Finally would you recommend the GoThinkBig website to other young people?
Yeah! GoThinkBig is really is the one stop shop for work experience, Internships and courses. There are absolutely loads of placements on there from radio stations, magazines TV companies. But you’ve got to keep on checking, sign up to the newsletters follow the Twitter and get in as quick as possible with an impressive CV to beat away the competition. Something small that you’ve done may be a really big deal to an employer if you shout about it. And know the business you’re applying for inside out, it’s an absolute deal breaker, luckily for me everyone knows about MTV, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central but if you’re applying for a more obscure position research it, what they’re about, they’re plans, campaigns they’ve been involved with etc.. And get as much experience as you can anywhere and everywhere!

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