festive flu

4 in 10 adults feel run down over Christmas taking two weeks to feel ‘normal’ again according to research by Bimuno, the pre-biotic company.

The research shows that the top 5 causes of feeling run down are excessive eating, rich food, the stress of shopping, the change in the weather, and drinking alcohol.

Registered GP from St Albans, Dr Panja, has worked with Bimuno to provide top ‘pre-hab’ tips on how to avoid festive illness and stay healthy into the New Year:

1. Eat more whole foods – a variety of fruit and vegetables, pulses, nuts and whole grains feed healthy bacteria in your gut. (If your diet is low in fibre, a sudden increase can cause wind and bloating. Minimise this by making gradual changes and drink extra water).

2. Avoid antibiotics if possible, but if you really need them, make sure you eat lots of foods that boost your microbes afterwards like fermented cheese and live yoghurt

3. Have a run of sugar and alcohol-free days in the run-up to the festive season.

4. Manage your stress: Exercise, meditation, mindfulness can all help.

5. Make life easier: We know it’s a hectic period so make healthier living a little easier and take a daily supplement. There are lots of good options available, including Bimuno which promotes the growth of ‘good’ bacteria in your gut.

The survey of 2,000 adults, commissioned by Bimuno and conducted by Census Wide, revealed that there are 5 top causes of why people feel run down including:

  1. Excessive eating (43%)
  2. Rich food (34%)
  3. The stress of shopping (33%)
  4. The change in weather (30%)
  5. Drinking alcohol (29%)

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