The Grand Theft Auto franchise has formed many a childhood. Most of us remember frantically removing our school ties and rushing to our Playstations, to run over streetwalkers or drive manically on the pavement with the sole intention of inciting a cop chase. The series is somewhat the Godfather of games, and has come a long way from its shoddy graphics and deadpan plots. Even then, it has always remained at the cutting edge of the gaming world, and yet again blows us away with even its teasers for the latest instalment.

With brand new multi-player action, customisable weapons and unique character abilities, the trailer to Grand Theft Auto 5 shows us its set to be the best in the series. Not only showcasing the breathtaking graphics the GTA franchise is renowned for, Rockstar Games attention to detail expands much past their imagery. The plot has thickened yet again, creating the perfect cocktail of intricate story-telling, gameplay and grit. As their ad points out, there is a distinct air of voyeurism never before present in the GTA world, as we dip in and our of the lives of our protagonists Martin, Trevor and Franklin.

The teaser trailer certainly does what it sets out do to- tease. Without giving to much away, we’re left enthralled by the unlimited potential for exploration as the world of GTA expands yet again. Set in sweaty Los Santos, players are provided the opportunity to take either a quality or quantity approach their robberies, hiring cost-friendly newcomers or city-hardened seasoned crooks. The cautious spender may invest in real estate, the risktaker in tattoos- with so many possibilities, its a story to truly make your own.

The mini-games are set to amaze and a helicopter mission makes the two month wait until its release all the more unbearable.

GTA V is hitting PS3 and Xbox 360 on 17 September and boy, are we excited.