friends having fun

Nights in are supposedly the new nights out! Not only can they be equally fun, but they can also help if your bank balance is already stretched to the extreme.

So, if you’re in need of a good catch up with your girlie friends, check out our suggestions below for the best ways!

  1. Pamper

When you’re feeling like you’ve been pampered, your mood can be boosted by an exceptional amount. Why not plan to spend time doing nails, wearing face masks, dying your hair or even waxing? Play some of your favourite cheesy music while you’re doing it and it’s bound to be an interesting evening for you all! You could even go back to your youth and don your PJs whilst pampering – Grease style!

  1. Meal

Sharing food is a great way of getting together and enjoying yourselves. Takeaways are a great choice if you’re keen to avoid cooking (and the subsequent mess!). Alternatively, why not cook a big joint of meat and ask your pals to each bring a side dish to complement it? If you’re not keen on that idea, pick out a country and ask each person to bring a different section of the meal from that cuisine. You could also choose an era if you prefer. For example, prawn cocktail would be the perfect retro ‘70s starter with a sherry trifle for dessert.

  1. Karaoke

Singing at the top of your voice can be great therapy and hilarious fun. Karaoke bars can work out expensive, so why not have a go at home instead? There are many apps and games available that allow you to choose some of your favourite classic tunes to sing along to. Alcohol is usually a vital ingredient for these sorts of nights. Nip into your local supermarket to see if your favourite tipple is on offer. Don’t forget to warn your neighbours as well!

  1. Films

Getting together and watching a film can be so much fun. If action is your thing, check out this best of list for ideas of films you can easily find on Netflix. If you prefer romance, there are plenty of options, but don’t forget your tissues as they’re bound to be full of tear-inducing moments. A well-stocked pantry of snacks is a must if you’re having a film night too. Popcorn, chocolate and ice cream are all firm favourites.

  1. Games

Whether it’s computer games or board games, you’re bound to have a laugh playing them together with some of your besties. If you’re having an alcohol-fuelled evening, consider attaching forfeits or dares to certain milestones. For example, if you get stuck in jail whilst playing a game of Monopoly, you have to gargle the alphabet (or other much naughtier examples!). If you’re prone to cringing and embarrassment, Pick your Poison and Cards against Humanity are two games that you may well need to force yourself to have a go at. If you don’t take yourself (and your answers!) too seriously, giggles are guaranteed!