Horror films have been giving people quickening pulses for a long time now. It’s certainly one movie genre that isn’t short of films and for that reason it’s almost impossible to rank them accordingly. However, I’ve compiled a list of three horror movies that I think everyone should watch at least once.

One thing’s for sure though, a decent horror movie often requires a cinema viewing. Watching horror on a small TV screen rarely does it justice.  So try and catch the best new horror films at your local Cineworld so you don’t miss out. Anyway, without further ado, let’s take a look at my top three horror movies of all time:

The Blair Witch Project

Released in 1999, this film made me believe that a real witch was haunting the woods of Black Hills in Burktissville, Maryland. This was because the film was advertised to be actual footage from three student film-makers who disappeared in Black Hills while doing a documentary of the legendary Blair Witch. The film-makers were never found, but their video and sound equipment was recovered and the footage edited together to tell the whole horrifying story.

In a time when the internet was still in its infancy, the Blair Witch Project made people wonder whether what they were seeing was the actual footage or not. The actors and actress who portrayed the student film-makers were so convincing in their portrayal that it took me months to be sure that they were merely actors in a very realistic horror film.

The Ring

I was fortunate enough to catch the Hollywood when it was released, but the story is actually adapted from an Asian horror movie of the same title. The Ring tells the story of unsuspecting viewers being haunted by the ghost of a young girl, Samara, after watching a video tape filled with creepy imagery. Viewers who have watched the video would die one after another through sinister causes. The scariest scene is when it was revealed how people die after watching the video. The ghost girl Samara is seen crawling out of their television set causing screams all round!

The Exorcist

Need I say more? Despite being released in the 70s, this movie has been in the top list of every movie critic when it comes to all time best horror flicks. The story is about a girl being possessed by a demon and of a priest with wavering faith who has the responsibility of exorcising the demon. In the end, the priest has to sacrifice his life to remove the demon from the girl once and for all.

If I was asked about the scariest parts of this movie, I would say all of them. The Exorcist is scary because it touches on the wavering faith that people have in God and the resultant demons, both physical and mental. If the church scene where statues are vandalised isn’t creepy enough, the scenes where Linda Blair’s character quickly descends the stairs in a reverse crab position are truly terrifying. Not to forget her character’s head being able to turn 360 degrees while talking. it will send shivers down your spine whatever time of day you’re watching it.

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