Flavourmag went on set for the all new Green Street 3 movie. Danny Harvey (Scott Adkins), has spent all of his life fighting – in the playground, on the football pitch and then heading up the Green Street Elite. Fourteen years ago, Danny turned his back on football violence and channelled his ability to fight into the world of MMA. But when Joey (Billy Cook), Danny’s younger brother, is killed in an organised fight, Danny knows the only way to find out who killed him and avenge his brother’s death is to return to his old manor and get back into the firm. But Hooliganism has moved on and Danny’s fighting skills will be put to the ultimate test.

Scott Adkins
– Expendables 2, Undisputed 2 & 3
Joey Ansah – Bourne Ultimatum, Snow White & the Huntsman
Kacy Barnfield – Inbetweeners, Resident Evil Afterlife
Jack Doolan – Cemmetry Junction, Cockneys vs Zombies
Christian HowardStreetfighter legacy

Out on 21st October on DVD & Blu-ray!

Photo’s exclusive to Flavourmag by Simon Howard at SNHFOTO.COM